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关于”健康的人际关系“的英语作文范文5篇,作文题目:Healthy interpersonal relationship。以下是关于健康的人际关系的六级英语范文,每篇作文均为高分范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Healthy interpersonal relationship

In recent years, high school students' classmate conflicts are common in the campus. These conflicts make the excitement of campus life dark, and have a negative impact on their life and learning. Conflicts between students are often generated from daily trivia, such as the place where books or notes are stored.

When the personality is not harmonious, the conflict will produce details, which will let students go their separate ways, and sometimes even lead to serious conflicts. In addition, students' different attitudes towards some problems are another factor causing these conflicts. Conflicts among students are harmful and need to be resolved.

Although many people think that school discipline can ease conflicts, I believe that learning to tolerate each other can play a more constructive role, because it teaches students the art of flexibility and compromise. At the same time, communication helps to solve this problem, because many conflicts are caused by misunderstanding of interpersonal communication.





Positive interpersonal relationship is very important for people's best growth and development. Educators pay attention to the interpersonal ability of college students. According to a survey conducted by Hebei University, many college students think that interpersonal relationship is the most troublesome problem.

With the diversification of society and the rapid changes of society, others are becoming more and more complex and difficult due to limited life experience and social skills. College students are facing more challenges in dealing with interpersonal relationships, especially those from rural areas, because they lack social skills Yes, in my opinion, since interpersonal relationship is very important for students' development, universities should offer a comprehensive interpersonal relationship course, which should involve knowledge, skills and skills, and the attitude and behavior of participating in positive interpersonal relationship in family, school, community and workplace.




With the development of society, the relationship between people becomes inevitable. As long as people communicate with each other in the world, interpersonal relationship becomes more and more important. First of all, good interpersonal relationship makes people succeed in human history.

We can always conclude that no one can do everything well and succeed. Most great men have good relationships. For many people, interpersonal relationship and ability are as important as their success.

To maintain good interpersonal relationship, when people encounter difficulties, it is easy to get help from others. In other words, excellent interpersonal communication ability helps to eliminate obstacles on the way to success. Good interpersonal relationship can make people live a happy life.

Living in a harmonious environment needs people and their surroundings People maintain good relations, friendly people will form a happy atmosphere, so that people can work efficiently and keep a good mood in their daily life. In short, people will eventually get happiness. By the way, interpersonal relationship is so important to people's success and happiness.

I advocate that people get along well with others. The first thing is to smile more every day http://wwwyingyuhuicn/daxue/html.





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