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关于”表示原因“的英语作文模板2篇,作文题目:Indicates the reason。以下是关于表示原因的专业英语模板,每篇作文均为满分模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Indicates the reason

In recent years, wechat is becoming more and more popular. People express themselves, exchange ideas and transmit information through wechat. There are many reasons why people know wechat.

Wechat is a relatively cheap way of communication, which reduces the cost of calls. Second, wechat is the most popular, its attractive intece and rich functions are deeply loved by people, and its convenience also shows its popularity. It can be found anytime, anywhere.




Everyone wants to succeed, but when it comes to which factor leads to success, opportunity or dice, different people will give different answers. Some people think that opportunity is the first factor leading to success. They hold the view that, as the proverb says, man proposes, God disposes of it, because almost all succesul people are lucky and seize their precious opportunities.

They believe in opportunities To them, opportunity and luck play the most important role in the road of success. However, some people think that no matter what they do, they can't succeed in anything. There is no smooth road to the peak of success.

They just put in their heart and work persistently Only those who are lazy, careless and indifferent can succeed. Those who never concentrate on their work will, on the whole, fail. As far as I am concerned, hard work is the decisive factor for success.

Both efforts and opportunities are inseparable in the end. Put together, they will achieve great success. Hard work is as important to luck as fish to water As the internal premise of success, it is the cornerstone of building a house.

Luck is the cornerstone of building a house. To make bricks depend on each other, they are twin brothers that jointly contribute to success. They are internal and external factors.

We must work hard, make preparations, meet opportunities and make full use of them. Only in this way can we succeed one day.




When it comes to choosing the future career path, many students are struggling for such a problem: which is better learning, art flow or science flow? Now, science flow has become the focus of education and the most promising career choice. Many people say that students who take science flow have a better future, but this is not entirely correct. Many entrepreneurs choose art Flow, they are good at what they do.

There is no open and closed choice. Students need to first assess and understand themselves, and then determine which areas of study / curriculum discipline are appropriate for their interests and career aspirations. Science courses include physics, biology, chemistry and mathematics.

Students need to do laboratory experiments, research and memorize formulas. Students who perform well in science flow usually choose medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, astronomy, engineering and other majors. The reason why they enter the science flow is that their ytical ability can be well developed and students can learn to think in a more atic way.

Science flow provides more career choices in the future art flow, including language, literature, history, geography, art, music and religious research. For those students who like to delve into their true artistic self and pursue creative thinking, this may be their answer, which depends entirely on what students want to do in the future and what their interests are. We'd better choose a river we are interested in.

We must love these subjects so that we can go further.




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