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关于”一个影响我的人“的英语作文模板2篇,作文题目:A person who influenced me。以下是关于一个影响我的人的小升初英语模板,每篇作文均为真题模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:A person who influenced me

The most influential person in my life, perhaps the most dynamic person I've ever met, was an Italian philosophy professor at the University of Pisa. Although I last saw him eight years ago, I did not forget his special qualities. First of all, Ellie is impressed by his devotion to teaching, because his lectures are always well prepared and clearly taught, and students flock to his classroom.

His followers admired him for believing in what he taught, and he was intellectually enlightening. In addition, he can explain his ideas in imaginative ways, such as painting, recording, recording sculptures and guest lecturers. Once he even sang a song in class to illustrate a point.

Second, I admire him for talking with students or making phone calls outside the classroom. Having coffee in a fast food restaurant, he can easily make friends with his students. Sometimes he would challenge a student to play chess.

Sometimes he would join groups on topics ranging from astronomy to diving. Many young people come to his office for academic advice, others come to his home for social parties. Finally, he was attracted by his lively intelligence.

He believes that unless students and professors share, any class is a successful few chuckles, at least one laugh. Through his sense of humor, he makes learning more enjoyable and lasting. If life can really make the wise smile and make the fool cry, then my friend is the real wise man.

Perhaps the best example of his wisdom is the one he used at the end of a speech. A wise man should follow his own invention as an example, and that is, God should follow his own invention as an example..









My mother is a competent mother. She used to care about my study very much. When I did the homework assigned by the math teacher, a sentence was very hard.

I also felt that I asked my mother in my mind. My mother looked at the title and said, "this problem is not difficult, if you know it." my mother explained it to me carefully. Although my mother can speak very carefully, I still don't know My mother patiently explained the problem to me.

She was not tired until I understood that my mother only cared about my study and life, but also cared about me. My mother, who had a fever and a cold, was worried. She liked hot pot ants.

She took my temperature and saw that the fever was gone. She put ice on my forehead and armpits and asked me where I was uncomfortable. She was so busy that she even touched my forehead irregularly at night Head, see my mother with a fever can not sleep well, until the next day, I have a fever, she is a big stone, finally fell my life, in fact, is a mother, we can come to this world, we are lucky, mother with a heart of gratitude, share some more than she can work, do not let her angry, also want to learn, grow into a father dad.




The most important person in my life. If you ask me who is the most important person in your life, I will answer my mother. Yes, she is the most important person in my life.

At the beginning, she gave me my life. He let me contact the world alive and saw everything from the other side. When I was very young, she taught me how to talk and who to walk.

When I was in school, she was also worried about my study If it rains outside, she will pick me up at school. She wanted to wait for me on rainy and cold days. I told her that I would wear the school uniform the next day.

In the evening, she would wipe it clean, then dry it, fold it up and put it by my bed. I was very impressed with her, so the most important person in my life was my mother.



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