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关于”上册我的家庭“的英语作文模板3篇,作文题目:Volume 1 my family。以下是关于上册我的家庭的初中英语模板,每篇作文均为万能模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Volume 1 my family

"Tea source" in China will begin to drink tea, everyone does it, but today it can be generally started in the Han Dynasty. The tea popular before the Tang Dynasty and the "six drinks of tea" in the volume of "tea" by Lu Yu said: "tea is for drinking. Shennong even heard that Zhou Gong was in Lu, Qi Youyan had Yang Xiong in English and Chinese, Sima Xiangru, Wu Youjin, Liu kunyou, Zhang Zai, Yuanzu Na, Xie, Zuo Si followed However, the number of non historical facts is vertical, and it is not easy to specify "tea" in terms of non additive expression.

There are such statements: Shennong "substitutes tea for food" and "tea becomes more and more red" (the first volume of the history of tea by Liu Yuanlong in Shandong and Henan Province, "tea" in Shennong talks about tea, but "eating by" is a fake book. As we all know, the "post office" is not "bitter tea" ”In this sentence, the bank's "Yi" is working as Duke Zhou. Samuel thinks that since Zhou Gong came to tea, he did not know what "horse farm" was.

He did not give sufficient evidence of drinking alcohol on him. The World Health Organization has investigated the benefits of tea drinking in many countries, and finally concluded that tea is the best drink for the elderly. According to scientific determination, tea contains protein, fat, and more than Vitamins, tea polyphenols, caffeine, lipopolysaccharide and other similar components have a wide range of health and pharmacological effects.




Maxim Gorky is a Soviet novelist, playwright and essayist Alexei Maksimovich Peshkov) is the founder of social realism. Although he is mainly known as a writer, he is closely related to the turbulent revolutionary period of his country - my childhood - the first volume of Gorky's autobiographical trilogy. To some extent, it is an exorcism, which describes a life started from the primitive, with extraordinary charm and bitterness Memory and no pain in all Gorky's books, which made him one of the fathers of Russian literature, saw other titles, which could be published by the author from kaisingh.


马克西姆·高尔基(Maxim Gorky),苏联小说家、剧作家、散文家阿列克谢·马克西莫维奇·佩什科夫(Alexei Maksimovich Peshkov)的笔名,他是社会现实主义的奠基人,虽然主要以作家的身份著称,但他与自己国家动荡的革命时期——我的童年——高尔基自传体三部曲的第一卷有着密切的联系,在某种程度上,这是一种驱魔行为,它描述了一个生活开始于原始,以非凡的魅力和辛酸的记忆和没有痛苦的所有高尔基的书这是使他成为俄罗斯文学之父的一个看到其他的标题,由该作者可从凯辛格出版。


"War and peace" volume lists the grand scenes of Tolstoy's novels, many characters, known as "the greatest novel in the world". Since the publication of war and peace, it has been called "the greatest novel in the world", "personal goods, many scenes, all possible historical fields in national and private life, war, all human tragedies Drama, all kinds of passion, in all stages of life, the baby is measured from the dying world, emphasizing the final burst of old people's feelings. People can feel all the happiness and pain, and their inner thoughts.

In the sense of stealing their own money since childhood, the most noble impulse and profound understanding of heroism are the authors of "in all things", This is the author of Tolstoy's novel War and peace, which is the first volume of Tolstoy's novel, war and peace. It embodies the style of the times in the rear, at home and abroad, military and social, up and down links Appearance creates a very broad typical environment for all kinds of typical. The characters described by the author are complex and rich, and they often use the method of contrast for artistic expression.

This genre is an innovation in the history of Russian literature, and it also goes beyond the traditional norms of European novels.



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