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关于”我的家乡是玉林“的英语作文范文2篇,作文题目:My hometown is Yulin。以下是关于我的家乡是玉林的初三英语范文,每篇作文均为满分范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:My hometown is Yulin

My hometown in Northern Shaanxi is full of sand. Now it is very desolate and beautiful. There is a small river in the middle of the village.

There is a pond full of lotus flowers in front of the stream in the middle. There are many fish around the village who like to swim. Apricot trees are planted in the village, and sweet fruits and beautiful flowers are planted in front of every house.




I was born in a small village. There is a hill behind the village and a lot of farmland in front of it. Most of the villagers live in high-rise buildings like city people.

They have telephones, TV sets, washing machines and so on. They can also use the drinking water supplied by the village water supply company, but they have to spend a little money every year. If they grow crops, the government will give them some money as encouragement.

The more land they farm, the more income they make a year. The rest of the time they work on farms for four or five months. They often work in nearby cities to earn money.

They don't have to worry about anything in their lives, such as food and clothing. There is a high teaching building, there is a computer room, a reading room, a conference room, our school has a laboratory and 16 classrooms, surrounded by big trees, behind the building is a wide playground, teachers work hard and teach very well. Moreover, when we were ill or wanted to go shopping, everything was fine and we didn't leave the village.

But in the past, it was said that very few people lived in a house of wood, grass and mud, so it is still called "two rooms". It's not hard to imagine what their life is like. Now I feel proud of my hometown.

I must study hard and acquire more knowledge, so that I can build my village better when I grow up.






My hometown is Yulin, which is a very beautiful place. It is as beautiful as a paradise on earth. When I open the door, I can't wait to see the flowers on the mountains and plains in full bloom.

When I see the beautiful scenery, I can't wait to become a little bee flying flowers. While talking quietly in the flowers, while playing hiding and looking for prey, the flowers will take a while Son, the fields bathed in the spring sunshine are full of tough figures. The farmer's uncle brings the field with sweat and sows the seeds of summer.

I open the window and I can see the mountain coming down from the distance. The mountain forest has dyed the mountain green, just like wearing a green dress on the mountain, unable to hear the sound of water singing, as if urging me to go swimming in the stream with my friends, Thinking of this, I was so anxious that I immediately asked how many partners came to a small river. The river was like a mirror, reflected in the blue sky and blue water, and the green mountains reflected on the water.

We lit up a more beautiful smile. We lined up in a row, only heard my command, "jump". We just jumped into the river like a little frog, like a thump, and we swam more happily than fish Like a dragon, in the water again and again, our laughter reverberates in the fall of the valley.

The fruits of every family are all ripe golden wheat, and a small face under it is as if the well water is thanking its farmer uncle. This poem proves that "one grain of grain is planted in spring, and another is planted in autumn". Jujube trees are also fruitful in my yard.

As long as you beat the dates with bamboo sticks, When it began to rain, it was usually jujubes and islets falling. The dates in winter were so sweet that goose feather snow covered the fields with a white blanket, carried a snow-white hat on the mountain, put on a white jacket in the woods, and lit up a lot of the mountain villages. Then I felt that my breath was icy, and the whole thing was like a normal person, which made me hide quickly In the fire barrel, I suddenly felt a burst of warmth.

It was hard for me to see the smoke rising slowly, and the cloud calling home. I saw the flowing river go home. The sea was calling for mother.

I saw the birds flying home freely. It was my hometown. It was so beautiful and so handsome.



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