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关于”传统技能“的英语作文范文2篇,作文题目:Traditional skills。以下是关于传统技能的雅思英语范文,每篇作文均为满分范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Traditional skills

Almost by the time our calendar turned to another year, the days were full of people frantically trying to clean up the mess and prepare for the future. At this time, many people are looking back at what they have accomplished as editors of the developerWorks website development zone. I took a moment to review all the content we shared with you this year, some of which are designed to make your hands dirty and immediately start using code, some of which are designed to make you think about the big picture and change We are all busy working on how our development environment will shape the future of your application.

Well, we can't always have time to see what we should see. I'm here to be your "ghost of the developerWorks past" to point out that we have something this year that I hope you don't miss. It's a very subjective list based on my personal opinion, however, if someone asks me what he or she should read this year, I hope you'll like this article, and when we start our discussion, you will Continue to discover that developerWorks is a useful resource.




When a country develops its technology, traditional skills and lifestyles disappear, there is no point in trying to keep them alive. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this view? I don't agree with the views expressed. First of all, I would like to point out that traditional skills and lifestyles are not natural countries, but in many ways, the history of civilization is the history of Technology: from the discovery of fire to the invention of wheels, to the development of the Internet, we have been starting some technologies from the previous way of doing things, For example, weapons of mass destruction have negative effects on other people, such as medical progress, actively help people live better or longer, and greatly help traditional lifestyles.

Few people will seek to retain interesting traditions like living in caves. Technology can actively promote the continuation of traditional skills and lifestyles. For example, some islands have too few people to possess Instead of breaking family ties by sending children to the mainland, education authorities can also use the Internet for online education.

The Internet and modern refrigeration technology are being used to maintain traditional salmon production technology, which can now be ordered from anywhere in the world and shipped anywhere in the world. In short, there is no hint that all technologies are good. I think that in any case, it is not "meaningless" to try to maintain the vitality of tradition.

With technology, we should not ignore technology, because it can become our friends and support our lifestyle.




It's almost time for our calendar to turn to another year, and every day people are frantically trying to clean up the mess and prepare for the future. It's also a time for many people to look back and see what they've done. As an editor of the developerWorks Website Development Zone, I spent a little time reviewing all the content we've shared with you this year, some of which are designed to allow you to immediately start working on code, and some of them are designed to make you think about the overall situation and the changing development environment will be like this How to shape the future of your application? We are all so busy that after we finish our work, we can't always have time to see what we should do.

I'm here to be your "ghost of the developerWorks past" and point out some of the projects we have this year. I hope you don't miss it. This is a very subjective list, based on my personal opinion If someone asks me what books he or she should read this year, I hope you like it, and as we start reading, you'll find developerWorks a useful resource.



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