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关于”写你最喜欢的音乐“的英语作文模板4篇,作文题目:Write your favorite music。以下是关于写你最喜欢的音乐的六级英语模板,每篇作文均为真题模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Write your favorite music

Ludwig van Beethoven is a German composer. He is recognized as one of the greatest composers in the history of music. He is the main image of Western classical music in the transition period between classical and romantic.

His reputation and talent inspired the later generations of composers, musicians and audiences. In many cases, he is a famous composer and also a famous pianist As an outstanding violinist born in Bonn, Germany, he moved to Vienna, Austria in his early 20s, settled there, studied with Joseph Haydn, and soon gained the reputation of avituso pianist. In his twenties, his hearing began to lose gradually, but he continued to create famous masterpieces in his life.

Even when he was deaf, Beethoven was almost one of the earliest composers. As a freelancer, he arranged to subscribe to concerts, sold his works to publishers, and obtained financial support from many wealthy sponsors, rather than for a long time Employed in a church or noble court.




Zhang Jie, a famous Chinese singer, the leader of a new generation of Chinese music idols and a super popular king of strength, has released 9 high-quality records since his debut. He has won the title of "the most popular male singer" and the best male song in mainland China for many times Mnet of South Korea has won the "Asia Star" (best Asian artist) Asian Music Award (Mama). Since the 9th overseas influential individual concerts, the "love is love" concert brand has been invited as a representative guest of Boao Forum to perform in Beijing City Hall.

In the same year, Beidou seven star space donated million charity fund pioneer fund, The public welfare project of "Zhang Jie's music dream classroom" has been launched, and seven "Zhang Jie music dream classes" since October have been set up in China, and the first stage of the Spring Festival has been held.




As we all know, Jay Chou is a famous singer. His singing fascinates me. Listening to his songs in his spare time is not only his beautiful music, but also his firm belief, which has moved me as a singer.

He insists on being a father in pop music and has released a new album, which is more intimate to us, Fan she is also a kind-hearted boy, who often appears in charity. Every time he appears on the stage, I will support him as much as I can. He has a beautiful face and attracts a large number of female fans.

I believe his charm in the entertainment industry.



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