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关于”自立的重要性“的英语作文范文5篇,作文题目:The importance of independence。以下是关于自立的重要性的专业英语范文,每篇作文均为高分范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:The importance of independence

In our modern society, the concept of independent thinking is rapidly becoming obsolete. Anyone who doesn't know how to look at a problem can directly surf the Internet or turn on TV. Many bloggers, pundits and analysts are ready and willing to tell them where they should stand on an important topic, which makes it easier to share their views At the same time, it makes it more and more difficult for people to think for themselves by examining the facts and forming opinions from them.

The news media not only want to tell us what happened, but also tell us more than ever how we should think about what is happening. The ability to think for ourselves is an important skill and realize the importance of thinking for ourselves. Today, the ability to think for yourself is becoming a lost art.

Too many people take a simple approach, simply ask the majority to think for them, but thinking for yourself has little to do with always opposing the majority. Whether you support most people is not more important than how you decide to stand with whom. As long as you draw your own conclusions and don't let yourself be influenced by others, you make the right decision.

Aristotle once said, accept one Thinking without accepting it is a sign of an educated person.




The importance of self-confidence. People say that self-confidence is half of success. It can give you the courage to stick to what you do.

Without self-confidence, a person can't do anything well. Self confidence is very important and valuable to a person. Confidence makes us have the ambition of success.

Only when you have the ambition to succeed, can you finally succeed. Second, once we gain self-confidence, we will have the courage and strength to overcome setbacks and difficulties with self-confidence. No one or anything can prevent you from succeeding.

Third, with self-confidence, we can accomplish things that seemed impossible before. No major event is not easy for us. Therefore, we should believe that anything is possible, and we should or must believe oneself.

In a word, self-confidence is a person's spiritual support, but also a person's internal strength, which is very important and valuable to us. As a person, we always pursue success and always desire to achieve a glorious goal, and this goal can only be achieved in the spirit of self-confidence. As we all know, self-confidence is accompanied by will.

As a pair of twin brothers, people without strong will tend to think that they can't complete any difficult task, while those who don't find the task extremely difficult, when our heart loses self-confidence, all hope disappears. Everything we have in hand seems to be blinded in the dark, for example, according to experts, every year On the one hand, well prepared candidates underestimate their ability, on the other hand overestimate the difficulties they may encounter. As a result, they almost lost to the full score.

Their fear of meeting new challenges leads to a sense of helplessness in the examination. Self confidence can be restored by building confidence in yourself (if you have ever lost confidence) really, no matter what you do, you If you don't have the courage to fight for it, failure may be your lifelong partner.





Now, the environment has been seriously polluted. Take my hometown as an example. When I was very young, I could swim and fish in the river.

But now, the water is dirty and full of garbage. The government has taken a lot of actions to restore green. Everyone has the responsibility to bring some green to the world.

March day is tree planting day. Students are required to plant trees. I have been participating in this activity I'm very proud that the tree planted in the year is higher.

Without it, we can't live in my hometown for a long time.



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