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Nowadays, Americans and Englishmen speak English in different ways. There are basically two spelling differences between American and English words: one is that the change of words makes a single letter not the same; the other is the simplification of English words; on the other hand, the expressions of date, American and British English are different at first, from the next day for Britons, for the United States, for the opposite, first for month and date for L Ast English and American English also has some differences in letter style. For example, the letterhead and incoming call, letter format, wording and ending form are all different.

English letters are conservative. Many British people like to use old letter style, and the words are more formal and rigid. However, American Alphabet Language is very dynamic and simple.

You can see that language may be an interesting thing to talk about To discover more differences between American and British English when you learn more.


如今,美国人和英国人用不同的方式说英语美国和英语单词的拼写差异基本上有两种:一种是单词的变化使单个字母不完全相同,另一种是英语单词的简化;另一方面,日期、美式和英式英语的表达方式首先不同,由后一天为英国人,美国为相反,先为月和日期为lastEnglish和American English在字母风格上也存在一定的差异,例如信头和来电、信函格式、措辞、结尾形式语言等都是不同的英文字母比较保守,很多英国人喜欢用旧书信体,用词比较正式死板,而美式字母语言很有活力,格式和简单你可以看到,语言可能是一个有趣的东西谈论,你可以发现更多的美国和英国英语的差异,当你学习更多。


How to write a letter of introduction? Make sure that the person you introduce asks for help (why and what kind of help you hope to get). Express your gratitude and desire in advance. For example, Mr.

Ma, China Resources Hong Kong, dear Mr. Ma, this letter will be sent by our senior representative, Frank Mr. Chadwick has transferred it to you.

He will spend most of his June and July in the Far East, where we are eager to expand our interests. We do not think that we can do better than to arrange for him to get in touch with you when he arrives in Hong Kong, because you have a better understanding and experience of the situation in the Far East than anyone else we know, We hope that you will not ask for too many letters of recommendation to Mr. Chadwick that you think useful.

We will regard any help you give to Mr. Chadwick as a personal favor and will always be willing to give back. Sincerely, in order to expand our interests, it is better to give a letter of recommendation to Mr.

Chadwick as a personal favor.


如何写介绍信确定你介绍的人寻求帮助(为什么以及希望得到什么样的帮助)提前表达你的感激之情和你想要回报的愿望,例如介绍信马先生,香港华润公司,亲爱的马先生,这封信将由我们的高级代表Frank Chadwick先生转交给您,他将在他在远东的六、七月份的大部分时间,在我们急于扩展我们的利益的地方,我们认为我们不能做得比安排他到达香港时与你取得联系更好,因为你对远东地区情况的了解和经验,你比我们认识的任何人都能更好地给予他所需要的帮助,我们希望你不要要求太多向查德威克先生提供你认为有用的推荐信,我们将视你对查德威克先生的任何帮助视为个人恩惠,并将永远乐意回馈诚恳地说,为了扩大我们的利益,最好给查德威克先生一封推荐信,作为对他的个人恩惠。


Do we begin to praise ourselves again, or do we need us to write you letters of commendation, or your letters of commendation, which we write in our hearts and are known to all and read by men, for you are clearly letters of Christ, which we serve, not in ink, but in the spirit of the living God. We are on the slate by Christ In the flesh of the soul, by such faith we are godly to God, not that we are strong enough to make ourselves our own business, but by God, that we may be the servants of the New Testament, not by words, but by the spirit, for words kill men, and are given by the Holy spirit. But if the Ministry of death is written on a stone, it is glorious, so that the Israelites cannot be held responsible for it Is not the Ministry of the holy spirit more glorious when the glory of Moses' face is fixed on the face of Moses, so that the glory of his face will be destroyed? For if the Ministry of condemnation is more glorious than the Ministry of righteousness? For the one who is glorified has no glory in this respect, for the extraordinary glory, if the one who is removed is more glorious than the rest, since we have such hope, we will use great words, instead of the veil on his face, as Moses said, so that the Israelites can't look at the ruined end, but they are blindfolded, for to this day, in the reading of the Old Testament And there was still a veil which Vail had removed from Christ, but to this day, when Moses was chanting, the veil is still in their hearts.

However, when it is returned to the Lord, it will be taken away. The Lord is the spirit, and the spirit of the Lord is free there. We all look at the glory of the LORD with our faces open, as in a mirror, from glory to glory, as through the spirit of the Lord.



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