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During the summer vacation, I will paint the whole city red. Of course, I will not forget to learn. I will learn more new skills.

I will also do the things I have training in hand. In addition, I will have time to see Beijing, the capital city. When the Olympic Games will be held, I will sit in front of the television to cheer for the Chinese team.

At this moment, I will not forget the people in the Sichuan disaster area. I pray in my heart Prayer: the people of Sichuan hope to rebuild their homes. If I have the time and come out of the shadow of the earthquake as soon as possible, I will go to the disaster area to see the people there.

Maybe I want to do too much, maybe it will not end, but I believe I will be a meaningful and productive summer.




This ordinary number contains people's expectations, including the trust of people all over the world. When it comes to the Nanjing Olympic Games, when people from all over the world will gather in Nanjing, what new things will happen to Nanjing's safety? There may be safety and better cars. Cars will be safe, so there will be fewer people injured every day Chinese people will become stronger.

There are many new robots in the conference, such as a generation of cooking robots, which can cook quickly without human beings cooking slowly. Therefore, if you are busy and go home late, you don't have to rush to cook. This can quickly create a clone machine.

So if someone lacks some organs, the human organ can be a clone that needs to be used There will be fewer and fewer people. After a few years, the disabled may have nothing. Maybe the police can also create it to crack down on criminals, protect our homeland, let the Chinese no longer commit crimes, and never let the Chinese commit crimes.

The ever beautiful youth Olympic Games will be held in Nanjing. For everyone in Nanjing, there must be a kind of joy and a kind of proud Youth Olympic Games The strength of Chinese athletes in all aspects will be improved by leaps and bounds. If I am a spectator, I will cheer for our athletes, let them get the best results in the competition, let them win glory for our Chinese people, cheer for the Youth Olympic Games, cheer for the athletes, the environment of the earth will be much better, the air in the forest will become better, and the emission of harmful gases and pollutants will be emitted It will reduce the pressure on our forests and use more green resources in this small China.

I hope that while finding more environmental protection and saving more, let China, which is lack of resources, make our country more and more beautiful, peace will let flowers bloom, let flowers of our motherland be more happy and full of vitality, let the world become a better place, let us study hard and grow into a better place Players, win honor for China, win more gold, silver or bronze medals.




Whether for love or money, an old man on the beach found a magic lamp. He picked it up, and a spirit appeared, because you let me free. The Spirit said, "I promise you a wish.

The man thought for a moment, and then he replied," my brother and I had a quarrel a few years ago. Since I hoped he would forgive me, he has never talked to me again, because I hope he can forgive me. It was a thunder.

The Spirit said, your wish has come true. You know the spirit is still going on. Most people will ask for wealth or fame Hope, but you only want your brother's love, because you are old and dying.

The man is crying, but my brother is crying. He is worth about a million.



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