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关于”感谢信疫情“的英语作文模板3篇,作文题目:Thank you letter。以下是关于感谢信疫情的专八英语模板,每篇作文均为真题模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Thank you letter

Dear, thank you for taking the time to read this email. My name is Mrs. Mary puyeh Allen, from the diamond rich rural areas of bangbali in Northern Sierra Leone.

I am the widow of the late Mr. Momo puyeh Allen, general manager and transport minister of Sierra Leone diamond mining cooperation. I am currently living in a refugee center in Abidjan, Cote d'Ivoire But it will be very important for you and my family to receive this letter of great help to you and my family.

This transaction requires the greatest trust, honesty, integrity, and most importantly, confidentiality. Only through this, my family and I will be assured of our safety, a deplorable situation that has led to the killing of my husband and my only daughter, the displacement of my family during the brutal civil war in Sierra Leone, the brutal killing of my late husband by rebels led by Mr. Fody Sankoh, and his and my only daughter (Nina, but my two) In one case, with the help of the International Rescue Committee (IRC), my sons (Greg and Daniel) managed to escape to neighbouring Ivory Coast, but before my late husband died, he drew my attention to a box containing about 12 million dollars (million dollars) that he smuggled into a local bank in Abidjan at the beginning of the war, with my son Greg Pujeh's nominal deposit, he also gave me the deposit certificate and receipt that the bank sent to him.

I still have my problem. As a refugee, the immigration law does not allow us to open or operate bank accounts here, and the language barrier, because this is a French country, I don't want to seek anyone's help for fear of being cheated or cheated into our only livelihood I sold almost all my jewelry so that the iwawa government would not really take care of us.


亲爱的,感谢您抽出时间阅读这封邮件我是玛丽·普耶赫·艾伦夫人,来自塞拉利昂北部邦巴利钻石丰富的乡村地区,我是已故莫莫·普耶赫·艾伦先生的遗孀,塞拉利昂钻石开采合作总经理兼运输部长我目前住在科特迪瓦阿比让的一个难民中心,我和我的家人不幸地发现我们在阿比让陷入了一个非常困难的境地我知道你会很惊讶地收到这封信,但这对我和我的家人来说是最重要的,我将把我的命运和我所有的亲人的命运托付在你的肩上,如果你能帮助我们,这对你也将是巨大的利益。这项交易要求最大的信任,诚实,正直,最重要的,保密。只有通过以上这些,我和我的家人我们的安全将得到保证这一令人遗憾的情况导致我的丈夫和唯一的女儿被杀害,我的家庭在我国塞拉利昂残酷的内战期间流离失所,我的已故丈夫被福迪·桑科先生领导的叛军残忍地杀害,他和我唯一的女儿(尼娜,但我的两个)一起被谋杀在国际救援委员会(IRC)的帮助下,我和儿子们(Greg和Daniel)设法逃到了邻国象牙海岸,但在我已故丈夫死前,他让我注意到一个盒子,里面装着大约1200万美元(百万美元),他在战争开始时走私到阿比让的一家当地银行以我儿子Greg Pujeh的名义存款,他还给了我银行发给他的存单和收据,我现在还保留着我的问题是,作为一名难民,移民法不允许我们在这里开设或经营银行账户,而且语言障碍,因为这里是一个法国国家,我不想要为了寻求任何人的帮助,怕上当受骗或被骗去我们唯一的生计,我几乎把我所有的珠宝都卖掉了,这样伊沃瓦政府就不会真正照顾我们了。


Dear Mr. John, my name is Wang Ming, the sales manager of our company. Thank you for ordering our latest products.

Your order has been sent out, we will receive your reply in about a week. We hope we can cooperate forever, Wang Ming.




I am a child out of school in the poor mountainous area of Shaanxi Province. My name is Li Ping. I am very poor at home, but I can't afford to go to school.

I want to go to school very much. I am very lucky to work in Beijing. A foreigner helps Smith.

Through his help, I have achieved success in science. I cherish the opportunity to study and make great progress. I am very grateful to him and would like to see him I thank him in person, but I haven't had a chance to study.

I hope he can send some photos to Beijing.



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