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The great wall of China is a military building. It is boundless and engineering. It is known as a miracle in ancient human history.

The great wall can be traced back to the 5th century BC, the spring and Autumn period and the Warring States period. After Qin Shihuang unified the northern section of the Mengtian Hun army, the original Great Wall was built and continued to be built and maintained until the Ming Dynasty to the middle of the century. The Badaling Great Wall, which has not been under construction for many years, is located in Yanqing County According to the regulations of the 18th year of Hongzhi, the narrow width of the East-West gate and the Far East Gate in the name of North and West are profitable.

On both sides of the ticket hole brick, there is a gap in the platform, and the wall of the viewing city has gaps. According to the height of the wall, the large stone is paved with bricks, and the ground is paved with mud and stone, and the inner wall of Naaman square is filled Surrounded by the space between the walls, there are blast holes under the ditch, steep slopes, terraces, ridges, corners or dangerous houses, fortresses, or behind the walls. The height of the wall is more than 7 meters, and the average height is 1 meter.

In some areas, the average width is 6 meters, and the eaves are more than 5 meters. Juyongguan Great Wall, which can let Wuma and chi or ten people, is located in Changping County. It is one of the main parts of the pass, standing next to bricks and Cuishan Located in the overlapping area, it is long adjacent to the stream.

It is called yifuguan landform thousands of miles away. It is known as "open" Mozart. This is the name of Juyongguan in the past.

It is far from the western regions. "When the Great Wall started from the Qin Dynasty, it captured the residents of Western Chu to the people's Government in the Han Dynasty, the northern expedition to the Three Kingdoms period, the Tang Dynasty moved westward, and there were Juyongguan and Jimen. After the name of the army, each generation was called" Juyongguan " There is a cage in Maoqing mountain between Huamu Valley at Juyong Pass.

It imitates green and green waves, and "Jasper is sometimes there". This is one of the eight sceneries in Yanjing.




In the northwest and north of Beijing, a huge zigzag Wall winds eastward and westward along the undulating mountains. It is said that from the moon wall built since the 7th century B.C., it can be seen that after the Qin state unified China, the Zhou kingdoms in northern China built their own walls to resist the invaders of Xiongnu tribe northward and extended to the north This is the origin of the "Li Great Wall". This is a major renovation of the Great Wall from time to time after the Qin Dynasty.

It began in the founding of the Ming Dynasty and took several years to complete. The Great Wall we see today is almost the result of this effort. The total length of the Great Wall is more than km.

It starts from Jiayuguan in Gansu Province in the West and reaches the mouth of Yalu River in Liaoning Province in the East. It is just a small part of the Great Wall Points. The map shows the Great Wall from Jiayuguan in Gansu Province to shanhaikou in Hebei Province.

It is a representative part of the Great Wall. It was built in the Ming Dynasty and is located in the Badaling section of Shanhaiguan, Gubeikou and Juyongguan. Badaling section of the Great Wall is winding in the mountainous area of northwest Beijing.

It was built in the early 20th century, with an average height of meters and a width of meters at the top. There are battle fortresses in important places, including corners.




The great wall of China the great wall of China is called the second Great Wall of Tianmu Mountain in China. In fact, it is more than 1000 kilometers long, winding from west to East, through deserts, over mountains, through valleys, and finally to the sea. It is one of the wonders of the world in the history of the Great Wall.

The first part of it was built in the spring and Autumn period and the Warring States period. In order to protect the boundaries of other countries, in the Qin Dynasty, the state of Qin unified the empires in different regions and kept the enemy away from the Emperor Qinshihuang. If all the walls were connected, the Great Wall would be formed.

The top of the Great Wall is enough for five horses or ten people to walk side by side. This is the watchtower, where soldiers used to watch. When the enemy came, the tower lit a fire as a warning.

In ancient times, it was very difficult to build such walls without modern machines. All the work was done by hand. Thousands of people died and were buried under the wall.

The Great Wall they built was not only made of stone and clay, but also used. Today, the Great Wall is a place of interest not only for the Chinese people, but also for people all over the world. Many people know a famous Chinese saying: "you are not a real person until you reach the Great Wall.".





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