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Write down the following topic: in some countries, young people have little leisure time and great pressure to study. What do you think is the reason for this? What solutions can you propose? I believe there are two main reasons why some young people find that they have little leisure time. The first is the pressure of parents.

The second is the competition for university places. Every parent wants to see their children perform well in school and continue to have a successful career. This means that they put pressure on their children, requiring them to spend a few hours at home to study every day, or even arrange extra tuition fees for their children.

In the countryside, it is not uncommon for young people to stay in small private schools for another three hours after the end of an ordinary day's old school. Therefore, their leisure time is extremely limited and the pressure is quite high; the second reason is the high annual rate The number of University applicants is several times that of university students. As a result, only those students with high grades can get a place, which puts pressure on teenagers because they have to work long hours to have a chance of success.

One of the ways to solve this problem is to let parents know the impact of the pressure they put on their children. Schools should tell parents that too much stress can lead to anxiety, stress and depression. They should show them how they can help their children live a more balanced life in reasonable leisure time.

Another effective measure is to invest in more university places by the government This can be achieved by expanding existing universities or building new ones to ease competition and give young people some valuable free lime back.





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Managing your stress what is stress? Stress is a physical, psychological, or emotional response to the demands or changes in your life. Everyone is affected by the stress situation. It is easy to recognize that a major life change, such as unemployment or family death, can lead to stress.

A person can also feel stress due to the accumulation of daily stress, such as long commutes, heavy traffic, tight work schedule or disagreements with colleagues or family members. Your stress may be obvious to you and everyone around you, or it may be hidden stress. If it continues to affect your physical and mental health, the following information will help you recognize the stress and learn the positive side Coping mechanism 8 to reduce the risk of health problems, let's first look at what stress can do to the body when we are faced with a worrying situation.

9 our brain releases adrenaline and other chemicals that cause our heart rate and blood pressure to rise, blood flows to our muscles and brain, and our breathing speeds up our digestion When we realize that the danger is over, we feel a sudden surge of energy. Our brains stop producing chemicals that cause physical reactions, and our bodies return to their normal state. If we continue to respond to events, even after the event, if this state occurs, our brain and body will be in an alert state.

Tense emotions can lead to minor health problems and are thought to be related to stress in other, more serious diseases The next step is to find out the source of your stress and write it down often. The act of writing down your problem can be therapeutic, because it may give you an opportunity to think about possible solutions. It's easy to document major changes in your life, such as finding a new job, moving, divorcing, and losing your job, including your daily stress.

Here are some examples, lack of financial support, poor health, excessive work and family problems, boring body shape, insufficient work, poor leisure time, diet, commuting and going to work sexual problems overweight / underweight noise environment, personality conflict, no life direction response, admitting to your accumulation commuting 4 busy 5 appearance 6 health 7 mechanism 8 facing 9 adrenaline digestion perceived treatment stressors Excessive / underweight conflict.




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