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Every day, every household will produce a lot of garbage, including a lot of plastic waste. Their harm to the environment is different from other substances. It is difficult for plastics to be treated in this way naturally, which poses a serious threat to the world.

Even after hundreds of years, these plastic wastes still exist and release toxic substances to the soil and groundwater, which makes the situation worse Under the cover of plastic, rainwater can not be absorbed and preserved by the soil. Therefore, even if we assume that plastic will not release toxic substances, it will also destroy the disadvantages of soil plastics. Next, I would like to talk about the advantages of plastics.

Plastics make our life more convenient, which is very important in modern life. Because every coin has two sides, people should enjoy the same advantages of plastic every day To improve the understanding of the shortcomings of plastics.




Nowadays, with the development of communication technology and transportation, people can choose where they live and work. Different from those who have lived in a specific place for generations, modern society can live and work anytime and anywhere due to the development of communication technology. Although traffic has brought some negative effects, I firmly believe that this is a good trend because its advantages outweigh its disadvantages.

First of all, this phenomenon provides people with more choices where they want to live or work People will be happier if they live in a place where they have a better life, such as a land with better welfare, which guarantees people a better standard of living. Second, in some countries, if people can live or work anywhere they want to go, they will They can make full use of what they can get. A country can be divided into several parts and concentrate on different areas.

For example, international trade is easy to carry out in coastal cities. People can use different functional areas of a country to obtain what they provide. Of course, this may also cause some unnecessary problems.

No matter how advanced it is, communication technology will never be better Face to face communication can not transmit information, nor can it transmit information like face-to-face contact. In a word, the higher the probability of traffic accidents, this phenomenon has more advantages than disadvantages. It ensures a better life and makes effective use of our society.




Bus: you can take a bus to almost any place you want to go. There are thousands of routes in the city. You can choose anyone according to your needs.

The road is cheap and convenient. The buses are getting more and more crowded, depending on the traffic conditions. You may be late.

The buses are too crowded during rush hours. When you need to be far away from home, it is cheaper to take a train than to take a plane. You have a lot of space on the train.

You can play with your friends as you like. If you need to spend the night on the train, sometimes it will be noisy to sleep. There may be a thief train on it You can also enjoy the beautiful sea or river at will.

The boat can go to some places that the train can't go. The boat often goes slower. When the ship shakes with the waves, you may feel sick.

The plane can also take you to the place you want to go in a short time. The service on the plane is very good. You can eat delicious food and even watch videos.

The airport is usually far away from the city center and it will take you some time to get to the airport. In addition, aircraft are often delayed or cancelled due to bad weather.




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