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关于”对于爱情的看法“的英语作文范文4篇,作文题目:Views on love。以下是关于对于爱情的看法的高考英语范文,每篇作文均为万能范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Views on love

This is a romantic realistic novel, which mainly describes the love between Jane Eyre and Rochester. Jane Eyre is a pure hero who is good at thinking about women. She lives at the bottom of the story, but she has a stubborn character and the spirit of pursuing equality and happiness.

The skills of the lyric novel show men and women through rich and profound psychological description The protagonist's twists and turns, eulogizing the love experience of abandoning all the old customs and prejudices, rooted in the deep love of mutual understanding and mutual respect, has a strong spiritual power. It is the most successful female image who dares to resist and fight for freedom and equal status in art.




Falling in love with university is well known. When we are in high school, we all have an unchanging goal, that is, to be admitted to university, and the following efforts are impossible. Therefore, we finally got the notice from the University, which is what we often dream of in the evening.

This proves a proverb: God does not live up to a man who has paid his time and effort. Please remember this sentence, Of course, one day we went to college happily in August or September, but something happened at the same time. It made your heart beat.

By the way, it was the love for many college students, and then they lost their direction and self. Next, I want to express that I am neutral in love in University, but I have some ideas to explain me first Myself, if you're a passer-by, I think we'll find a lot about the intimate gestures of male and female friends in dormitories or dim corners, or in classrooms without people. When young, it's normal not to ask why.

Second, it is worth mentioning that many young boys and girls can't go to classes and classes instead of traveling. Some scenic spots or other things are just for the sake of temporary love. Third, especially for most freshmen, please don't be influenced by the phenomenon that some students who find their other half are proud to call themselves, because I think people are different, with different personalities, backgrounds and goals.

But if you really want to try to fall in love at first sight, there is one thing to abide by: no matter when you and I, study and work are the most important principles, not love is the first Work is the second, because we are no longer children and teenagers. In the future society, we need a person with high comprehensive quality and profound knowledge. At the same time, you are in the state of half step and half step in the University, and time is the most important exercise and experience process before moving to a complex and complex society.

Therefore, we should spend a lot of time to learn, not just my point of view I believe that others are more suitable for love in college.




It is an indisputable fact that college students love each other. What are their views on love? They take love seriously and think that love is based on emotion. Their psychology is generally mature, they have a certain sense of responsibility, they have a better understanding of each other, and their attitude towards love is not serious.

This type of college students do not sincerely think that love is just for fun, Or satisfy all kinds of wishes, they basically have no sense of responsibility, there is no love between the two sides, each other does not know each other. The reasons for the above-mentioned wrong view of love lie in the following aspects: boring college students lack the motivation and goal of learning, so they turn to love and spend time looking for happiness. Second, curiously, due to the pressure of study, the concept of love has not been fully reflected in high school.

When a college student turns to a college student, the concept of love shows a high degree of freedom of learning. For a person, campus life is monotonous, and even the life of dot line becomes all day long. With the intervention from parents, it is not a bad thing for him to fall in love with others for the sake of happiness and the spirit of pursuing love.

The key is to focus on facing the future.




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