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关于”间隔年“的英语作文模板3篇,作文题目:Interval year。以下是关于间隔年的雅思英语模板,每篇作文均为真题模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Interval year

In many countries, students have a period of time after graduation to travel or work for a year. Whether the advantages outweigh the disadvantages of this period of time, however, there must be a risk of taking leave at this important age. Young people may eventually never go back to school or find it difficult to readjust.

They may think it would be better to continue to engage in a certain job or a job completely different from the university curriculum, but generally speaking, when the degree is essential for obtaining a reasonable career interval This is unlikely. Some people think that spending time on TV, video and computer games is good for children, others think it has a negative impact on children. Discuss two views and your own views.

Spending too much time on TV and games may affect children's learning and health. They are deeply attracted by entertainment TV programs and exciting computer games. They are willing to watch TV or play games, ignore homework or exams for too long, watch TV or play games for too long, which will lead to poor eyesight and lack of exercise.

On the contrary, with the help and guidance of parents, children can strengthen self-control and time management, which means that they can use their time in an appropriate way and benefit greatly from these leisure activities. People can now study at home through distance learning programs through the Internet or TV. Some people say that this kind of Education can't compare with going to university.

To what extent do you agree or On the other hand, we can not deny that distance education provides people with more flexibility and convenience. People can choose their favorite courses and decide when and where to study instead of wasting time on commuting. Students can sit comfortably at home and study a course online.

However, students who lack self-control and self-discipline cannot learn effectively in this way, because they may be distracted by a variety of things, such as online games and videos.






Sibling rivalry: children are thought to benefit from the age gap because parents have more time to invest in them, forget expensive educational DVDs and private tutors, and the secret to smart kids is simply to have one child every two years. Researchers have studied thousands of children and found that a two-year interval is the most effective way to improve their brain power, while older children's reading and math skills decline; the impact between the first and second children is greatest, but fortunately, for children over 13, parents have a greater achievement before their children are 13 years old, which is over 13 years old Waiting for more than two years doesn't add to the advantage, the Journal of human resources will report that siblings separated by two years include Albert Einstein and his sister Maya, Lord Edenburg and brother David Casey barkers, the person who led the study told the Sunday Times: "we believe this is the first time someone has ever been The study also shows that the gap between children in extended families is also beneficial; barkers told the paper: "the gap between two years is very big, because early years are the biggest, and it's important to divide time when the child is a child than when the child is already in school Time is more harmful, the effect is more obvious in lower income families, because those with more money may spend more money to compromise because of lack of time.


兄弟姐妹之间的竞争:人们认为孩子们从年龄差距中受益,因为父母有更多的时间投资于他们,忘掉昂贵的教育DVD和私人教师,聪明孩子的秘诀很简单,就是相隔两年生一个孩子。研究人员对数千名儿童进行了研究,发现两年的时间间隔对提高脑力最为有效,而年龄稍大的孩子的阅读和数学能力下降了;第一个和第二个孩子之间的影响最大,不过,幸运的是,13岁以上的孩子,父母在孩子13岁之前就有了一个更大的成就,而这一点在13岁以上的孩子身上也有很大的不同,等待超过两年并没有增加优势,《人力资源杂志》会报道说,间隔两年的兄弟姐妹包括阿尔伯特·爱因斯坦和妹妹玛雅,艾登堡勋爵和弟弟大卫·凯西·巴克尔斯,领导这项研究的人告诉《星期日泰晤士报》:“我们相信这是第一次有人建立起一个偶然的好处来增加兄弟姐妹之间的间隔”;这项研究还表明,大家庭中孩子之间的差距也是有益的;巴克尔斯对该报说:“两年的差距很大,因为早年是最大的在孩子的成长过程中很重要,所以在孩子是孩子的时候划分时间比在孩子已经上学的时候分配时间更有害, 这种影响在收入较低的家庭中更为明显,因为那些钱多的家庭可能会因为时间不足而花费更多的钱来妥协 词汇: dip: 发音:关于间隔年的英文作文。


All the year round, my favorite season is summer, because when summer comes, I can change into beautiful skirts, I can go swimming. I like swimming pool very much. In summer, everything is bright.

I can go to many places I like in summer vacation. I can also spend holiday with my parents. We can go to interesting Forbidden City.



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