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Our planet in the future, with the development of technology, our life in the future will become more and more colorful, we do not need to eat anything, we just need to recharge ourselves. We have a chip in our brain to save energy. We don't need to drive because all of us have mutated DNA, we can fly, we can breathe in the water, just like the fish we live in the air, we don't need to sleep.

Humans have discovered many planets, we can live wherever we want. We are the most powerful species in the universe. With the development of technology, our life has become more and more terrible We don't have enough space to live, so wars broke out in all countries in the world after the war.

Most people died. The war destroyed our planet. There was no fresh air, no fresh water.

More and more species became extinct. Human beings lost their fertility. Finally, all the living things on the earth disappeared and the earth became a desert.




After a hundred years of "bell", a loud ring awakened me from my dream. I looked at the calendar beside my bed. You and I have been sleeping for a hundred years, but now I look from all directions, "Why are there decorations in the house, how much furniture?" I suddenly said to myself a slight rustle, just like furniture suddenly appeared in front of me, I was eager to go out and have a look outside The world is like this, but it can't open the door.

I'm so angry that I get lost in a fog and kick the door with all my strength. At this time, I click and say, "master, as long as you say 'please open the door' on the list, I can't understand the voice:" please open the door. "I really open the door and say," this is my housekeeping skill.

If there are bad people coming, I will trap him, while the police will ”I just went down the elevator. A beautiful robot was given to me. She said her name was Kaby.

It was my robot service. I told her, "please take me to happy camp." she took me to a happy camp. There were many children shouting, crying, laughing and playing with all kinds of novel toys.

The service robot stood by and looked at their little master, and I found that there was one on the bed Therefore, I have crowded for dozens of minutes. I came to the office to tell stories and listen to the robot story telling with the children. About an hour later, I was hungry.

I wanted to find a restaurant service robot. My business card was more than mine. I took my hand and said, "little master, I'll take you to the door of the restaurant." I came to the clean and bright restaurant, and the food was served Delicious, it has been a long time since the original card on the table has arranged lunch for me.

After I finished my meal home, I opened the window to breathe, and a grain of sand came into my eyes. Hey, how can I still be a calendar on the table in bed? It's a dream.




In my opinion, in a few years, the world will change. We can spend our holidays on the moon. We will have video phones.

We can go shopping and have physical examinations with video phones. Some scientists will live under the sea. Students don't have to go to school.

They can learn housework through TV and radio. Author: robotst. This is my view of the modern future.



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