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关于”保护动物的建议信“的英语作文模板3篇,作文题目:Suggestions on animal protection。以下是关于保护动物的建议信的八级英语模板,每篇作文均为高分模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Suggestions on animal protection

Save the wild animals in a remote mountain area, there is a beautiful forest. There are all kinds of animals living in the forest. They all live in peace and happiness on this day.

It is the birthday of a 6-year-old rabbit. It invited some forest animals, lovely bears, honest goats, smart rabbits, and regretful foxes. They were at the suggestion of the fox at the birthday party Open, they are surrounded by a little rabbit, singing birthday songs, singing, and a little white rabbit is preparing a birthday cake, lit for everyone to eat, Dad, Dad, Dad, suddenly gunshots, tragedy happened, a little squirrel, a fox, and a little goat cub has fallen down, only a rabbit in the siege, it responds quickly, quickly hides in the bush The rabbit in the Bush was still shaking seriously.

They heard the conversation between two hunters: "brother, today's harvest is much better. You see, four animals have been caught. Unfortunately, the rabbit slipped away from my fingers." another said, "we are.

Today, we have caught squirrels, five foxes, a bear, six goats, eight pheasants and five rabbits. Sell this Those songs must be worth a lot of money. "After listening to a little rabbit, he said to himself angrily:" people are really unreasonable.

If you let a person go like this, how can we live? No, I have to inform other animals to move quickly. "The shy wolf finally came to the door. The door was opened, but he didn't see Mr.

wolf. There was some blood on the ground. He knew that the wolf was also unfortunate at this time No, the rabbit didn't know it was lost.

He cried sadly and said, "human beings, some animals are on the verge of extinction. If you want to destroy the ecological balance, you are actually shortening your life." At this time, a little angel came to the little white rabbit. She comforted the little white rabbit and said, "little white rabbit, please don't hurt me.

Now the country has strengthened its efforts to stop people from killing wild animals, and has established nature reserves in many forest areas. I believe that in the near future, mankind will still give you a beautiful home." listening to the little angel's words, the little rabbit comforted himself and said, "Hey, I "Yes, it is urgent to protect wild animals, establish more nature reserves and maintain ecological balance.




Many wild animals are facing the danger of extinction, because their environment has undergone great changes. For example, with the development of cities, the use of pesticides and serious pollution, their living range is getting narrower and narrower. At the same time, many wild animals are facing food crisis.

In order to obtain fur, fur, horns, teeth and meat, human beings kill species in order to protect us People should realize that the loss of any species, at least the loss of knowledge, is the source of natural beauty. We should take the following measures: formulate pollution standards, prohibit the poisoning of some rare species, set up national parks as wild animals, and protect wild animals only if we take some strict measures.




Panda is one of my favorite animals. It's a treasure of China. I like it very much.

It's a lovely animal in my heart. I think it's unique, but it's kind of idiotic. Pandas like bamboo best.

When they want to eat, they feel a little shy. They usually do some exercise to keep healthy. But now, rare animals are extinct in.

An important problem in China is that from the current situation, we must strengthen the protection of animals to protect the environment, which is related to our life and protect me Our beautiful home is our responsibility, we must persist in it, and make our world a better place.




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