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关于”与父母生活的优点和缺点“的英语作文范文4篇,作文题目:Advantages and disadvantages of living with parents。以下是关于与父母生活的优点和缺点的雅思英语范文,每篇作文均为万能范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Advantages and disadvantages of living with parents

Today is a Sunday for my family to help me. I got up early in the morning and played with the computer all day. I thought: my mother washes clothes and cooks.

I can play computer at home. So today, I want to help my mother do what I can. When you eat, I say to my mother, "today I wash the pot." my mother says, "OK," what a good child "the meal is finished, I will put the plate, bowl and The chopsticks were placed on the balcony.

I poured half pot of water into the pot and poured some detergent into the pot, turning the hands in the pot for a few turns to make it produce rich bubbles, put the dishes, bowls and chopsticks into the water, then began to wash the dishes I washed with the wire brush, because the oil on the plate slipped my hands, and the dishes fell to pieces on the floor, and I felt uneasy and guilty, and blamed myself for not doing so. Care about me, quickly wash the bowl and chopsticks, some stick on the hands, some become foam, and the adhesion force on the wire brush, so easy to break the dishes, I wash the dishes, start washing dishes, the bowl is not easy to break, because the bowl is easy to catch, so it is not easy to wash the chopsticks in the washing bowl, and finally use the wire brush to clean up a few clean chopsticks, wash dishes, bowl. And chopsticks pot poured are washed, but my hands have a lot of oil, also let me tired back pain, I finally feel the people's hard work, I often help my parents do some housework, let them relax at home.




This is my own feeling. Compared with the gifted and poor people who live with their parents, parents don't care how much money they have to pay. They worry that most of what they say at home is their parents at home.

Don't take out the key and strength to send it to buy gas, send people to buy pure water to wash clothes for themselves. In this way, parents will grow up with their children They are the guardian angels of their children. They take care of each other's young people who are busy with their work.

Their home is warm. Parents can take care of their sick children. There is no free space for lively young people to love it.

Parents don't have to support themselves economically. Parents may not be economically hit. Moreover, living with their parents is not conducive to small families' social maturity and coping with various kinds of life Challenge, I am the most suitable person for my parents in the world, but when choosing the way, I should remember: respect and care for my parents.




Life style: the life of a big family seems to be more pleasant than that of a small family, but others prefer to live separately. They cherish the idea of being independent of their parents and seek more freedom. They hope to have a place of their own, where they can do what they want.

They don't want to be overprotected by their parents, but they are eager to have the opportunity to face the society by themselves For me, I like the independent life style, although I love my parents. Different generations have different lifestyles and values. One generation may not like the other generation.

Each generation likes to live separately. In addition, by living independently, I can cultivate my personality and ability to deal with the things in my life.



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