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The most unforgettable gift when people celebrate the new year at midnight in December, I received the most unforgettable gift when I was one year old. In the first few minutes of the new year, many messages were sent by my friends. I just browsed the ordinary text messages and put away my mobile phone a few minutes later.

The icon on the screen of my mobile phone came on again. A good friend of mine whispered that she was invited to the Great Bell Temple Ringing the bell, she wants to give me the bell as her new year gift. It will bring you good luck and my best wishes.

I hope you will be happy in the new year. She added: 'I was very impressed. I thought deeply.

I didn't know how to answer at the beginning. I said, there is nothing to express my happiness now. Maybe only time can prove our friendship most strongly.

This is the most special and unforgettable gift I have received. Although I can't see it with my own eyes, although I can't hear it, I can't even have it at that moment, I feel it with my heart. Nothing can replace the happiness it brings on New Year's day.

I think this gift may be given to me by God, and I will never forget it, because it means a lot to me, and always remember it as the best memory.




Friendship is the greatest pleasure of mankind. Friendship is a kind of pleasure of friendship. The success of friendship also needs the support of friendship, feelings and willingness to help others.

No one can make full use of his life, if he does not seriously strive for the right friends. When he knows how valuable friendship is, we should be very careful to make friends. Real friends are those who have good conduct, super ability and good heart.

They share weal and woe together. When making friends, we should pay attention to select those who have such excellent qualities, and then we should treat our friends politely, be careful not to interfere with them unreasonably, do not laugh at their behavior, we should forgive their failure and try our best to help them. In a word, when we have established a friendship, we should cherish and cherish them with words and deeds Only in this way can we develop true friendship and make the sacred lamp of friendship burn forever.




My college life, my new college life is about to start, so when I start my new life, I can't help but be excited. I dream of my beautiful and meaningful university life. I think the first thing I should do is to concentrate on my study.

I will try my best to learn as many subjects as possible. I think I will participate in some school activities to improve my comprehensive ability, For example, communication skills and so on. At the same time, I should participate in some student associations or associations to make my life colorful.

I know that there are many differences between high school and University, so I will change my study habits in high school. It is an era when teachers force students to learn. But in University, we should arrange everything by ourselves, so I will study by myself and I will make my own study plan Of course, I will practice to be more independent and independent, which is a very limited ability for future development.

Therefore, if there is any problem, I will try my best to solve it by myself instead of asking others at the beginning as before. This is my new life arranged by me. I hope it will start soon.

I am ready for it.



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