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关于”写国家“的英语作文模板5篇,作文题目:Write about the country。以下是关于写国家的小学英语模板,每篇作文均为满分模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Write about the country

0 | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | |The leaves are brownish yellow and cold. There are four seasons throughout the year. Each season has three months.

The weather in one season is different from other seasons. The life cycle of plants is controlled by seasons. The first season is spring, in which three months are March, April and may.

The weather is warm and sunny. All plants are revived. Animals wake up from hibernation.

Farmers should The second season is summer. Three months are June. July and August are very hot and often rainy.

People can go swimming and sightseeing. Everything should grow up. The third season is autumn.

The three months are September. October and November are cool. Cool leaves begin to fall on the ground.

This is the harvest season for farmers. The fourth season is December. January and February are the three months of that season.

The weather is very cold. Most plants die at that time. Sometimes it snows.

People can enjoy skating and skiing. Winter doesn't Stay with us for a long time, because spring comes soon: most people think winter is a sad season, birds fly away, animals hibernate, and all the leaves wither. This seems to be a season without color.

All we can see is a vast expanse of white. But in fact, winter is not as green as we see. Spring, orange burning in summer, and flaming red in autumn are the time for our eyes to rest.

Too winter is not a season of sadness and farewell, but also a pleasure We have Christmas and new year's season. In winter, it's time for children to say their wishes to Santa Claus, to enjoy the time when they tear off the wrapping paper, to have a snowball fight in the garden. This is when couples put on their scarves.

Most importantly, it is a time for families to get together and wait for the clock to tick. Every season is created by God, and every season has a purpose What we have to do is not enjoy the wonderful winter Shanzhai: jojosarah BFIC klmy > > hi (/.


0 | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | |,树叶呈棕黄色寒冷,一年四季有四季,每个季节有三个月,一个季节的天气与其他季节不同,植物的生命周期受季节控制第一个季节是春天,其中的三个月是三月,4月和5月这段时间天气暖和,天气晴朗,所有的植物都复活了,动物都从冬眠中醒来了,农民们该准备他们的田地了第二季是夏天,三个月是六月,7月和8月天气很热,经常下雨,人们可以去游泳和观光。万物都该长大了第三个季节是秋天,三个月是九月,10月和11月天气变凉,凉爽的叶子开始落在地上这是农民的收获季节第四个季节是冬天12月,1月和2月是那个季节的三个月天气非常寒冷,大多数植物在那时候死亡有时下雪人们可以享受滑冰和滑雪的乐趣冬天不会在我们身边停留很长时间,因为春天很快又来了:大多数人认为冬天是一个悲伤的季节,鸟儿飞走了,动物们进入冬眠,所有的叶子都枯萎了。这似乎是一个没有颜色的季节,我们所能看到的只是一片茫茫的白色,但实际上冬天并不像我们看到的那样是一片生机盎然的绿色春天,夏天燃烧的橘子,秋天的火红,这是我们的眼睛休息的时候,所有其他的生物太冬天不是一个悲伤和告别的季节,也是一个享受的季节我们有圣诞节和新年在冬天是孩子们向圣诞老人说他们的愿望的时候,享受他们撕掉包装纸的时刻,在花园里打雪仗这是情侣们戴上围巾的时候,最重要的是,这是一个家人聚在一起等待时钟滴答的时刻,每一个季节都是上帝创造的,每一个季节都有一个目标,我们要做的就是享受不到冬天的美妙山寨:jojosarah bfic klmy>>嗨©百度嗨/。


I choose summer vacation. If the summer vacation is coming, I want to go to Switzerland, because it is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. The climate is mild, neither cold nor hot.

I will travel to Lake Geneva. If I go there, I will eat some special food and have a good time in this beautiful country.




Egypt is located in northern Africa, which is one of the oldest civilizations in the world. From this area to the north of Egypt is the Mediterranean Sea, and to the east of Egypt is the Red Sea. Farmers first settled along the Nile River in Egypt.

Around BC, the Nile river flowed into the Mediterranean Sea from the south of Egypt, with very little rainfall. If there was no Nile River, this area would be completely desert before the modern dam was built. The Nile floods every year.

Floods usually start in June and end in October. These floods have serious consequences, and the fertile soil from the Central African mountains will spread over the river banks, creating fertile land for early Egyptians to grow crops. The two kingdoms developed along the Nile.

The kingdom of Lower Egypt was known as the red crown, while the kingdom of Upper Egypt was called the white crown about BC. The northern Pharaohs conquered the south. Egypt unified the name of the king.

Namir or Menes Menes did not try to change the people of upper and lower Egypt. He allowed two independent tribes to retain their own special gods and traditions. He established Egypt's first capital For hundreds of years, the Pharaon wore the United crown or double crown of upper and lower Egypt, with the round crown of upper and lower Egypt on the front and the crown of Lower Egypt on the flat high back.

One of the reasons why the Egyptians developed advanced civilization was that they were surrounded by desert, which made the invaders unable to escape With the rich mineral resources of the Nile, fine weather and orderly government, Egyptians can only live a small part of the day. It gave them time, in a few years, to invent words, to build irrigation systems, to build great pyramids.





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