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关于”写火星的版“的英语作文范文5篇,作文题目:The Mars version。以下是关于写火星的版的雅思英语范文,每篇作文均为满分范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:The Mars version

First of all, Mars is red, and the earth is blue. Second, the atmosphere of Mars is different from that of earth. There is no water on Mars.

The earth is water resources and there is no life. There is a fifth life cycle between Mars and the earth. Dust storms on Mars are stronger than the fourth on earth.

Mars has two natural satellites, only one seventh of the earth. In terms of topography, Mars is mostly desert 1、 Unlike the volcanoes on Mars and the earth, except that mountains with low gravity can be high for a long time without clear plate movement, the distribution of volcanoes is a priority in hot spots, rather than the structure with a ring of fire like the earth.




The last time my family and I went to Mars, we took a spaceship and flew there in the morning. We met aliens on Mars. They looked very strange.

They had three eyes and four legs. They had long hair. Because it was too cold at night, they needed something to cover up.

We drove a car across Mars. They waved to us and we took pictures We didn't want to go back to earth, but we did. I think I will come back again.




The interplanetary robot Mars attracts scientists because it is similar to the earth. It attracts the public, because our "Martian" myth is a vision of life outside the earth. Mars exploration continues with the robot spacecraft launched by British scientists.

This is part of the project of building an "autonomous robotic scientist" to explore the surface of Mars, and it is also the launch of outer space on Mars by the European Space Agency The six wheeled vehicle's key Mars probe has numerous scientific instruments and probes, nicknamed "Bridget" Astrium, an EADS company that is developing prototypes of ExoMars and coordinating its technology with other British research institutes to demonstrate the rover's endurance in finding Mars like terrain. The team took the rover to El in Tenerife Lester Waugh "The rover is not waterproof, so we need good weather to test it, but we also need to keep it dry, because any moisture can affect the way the sand reacts under the wheels," he explained Solar panels will provide power, radioisotope heater units will help it withstand the extreme cold on Mars, and the team is optimizing the performance of wheels, suspension and drive systems, so it will not work on complex terrain for up to 20 minutes of radio signals to reach the earth, which requires a powerful navigation system to allow the Rover to operate alone, so they are We are also developing the next generation of computer software functions to maximize the use of science and technology to maximize the time of Mars rover landing on Mars, and design devices as light and small as possible, including: a micro seismometer to search for Martian storms, an advanced meteorological system for analyzing Martian weather, a wide-angle panoramic camera, which will be our eyes on Mars, a Raman spectrometer, Provides rock analysis, even a mole, that can take samples from below the surface.


星际机器人火星因其与地球相似而吸引了科学家,它吸引了公众,因为我们的“火星人”神话是对地球以外生命的憧憬火星探险继续着英国科学家发射的机器人飞行器这是建造一个“自主机器人科学家”探索火星表面项目的一部分,也是欧洲航天局发射火星外太空六轮飞行器的关键火星探测器拥有无数的科学仪器和探测器,绰号为“布里奇特”阿斯特里姆,一家EADS公司,正在开发ExoMars探测器原型,并与其他英国研究所协调其技术,以证明火星车在寻找类似火星地形的耐力,研究小组将火星车带到位于Tenerife Lester Waugh的El Teide国家公园领导着EADS Astrium团队,他解释说,“火星车不防水,所以我们需要好天气来测试它,但也需要保持干燥,因为任何湿气会影响车轮下沙子的反应方式。”太阳能电池板将提供电力,放射性同位素加热器单元将帮助它抵御在火星上极度寒冷,研究小组正在优化车轮、悬架、驱动系统的性能,因此,它不会在复杂的地形上工作长达20分钟的无线电信号到达地球需要一个强大的导航系统来允许火星车单独运行,因此他们也在开发下一代计算机软件功能,最大限度地利用科学技术将火星车登陆火星的时间最大化设计成尽可能轻和小的装置包括:一个寻找火星风暴的微地震仪,一个分析火星天气的先进气象系统,一个广角全景照相机,它将是我们在火星上的眼睛,一个拉曼光谱仪,提供岩石分析,甚至是一个鼹鼠,可以从地表下提取样本。

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