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关于”科技利弊分析“的英语作文模板3篇,作文题目:Analysis of advantages and disadvantages of science and technology。以下是关于科技利弊分析的雅思英语模板,每篇作文均为万能模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Analysis of advantages and disadvantages of science and technology

In the past, when people buy SIM cards, they don't need to show their ID cards or register their ID cards. In addition to some SIM cards designated for specific groups, no matter what kind of SIM cards, how many cards you want, you can almost get what you want. All this is obviously so simple and convenient.

The ease of use of SIM cards also has its disadvantages. The most annoying is the proliferation of spam information and phone calls The reason for harassment and fraud is: it is difficult to track anonymous callers or senders with a mobile phone number that does not provide useful information. When purchasing SIM cards, many users will abandon their SIM cards at will, resulting in a waste of resources.

However, since SIM cards can identify the identity of users, users will feel trapped when sending spam mail or conducting phone fraud. Therefore, the above problems are easy to solve. In fact, the above problems are easy to solve Their SIM cards contain confidential information related to personal interests, which makes people think twice before they act.

From now on, real name registration is officially implemented in China. When consumers buy mobile phones, they must hold certificates to handle life. Old mobile phone users have to submit personal information.

In the past three years, your class has discussed the real name system. The advantages and disadvantages of the discussion are as follows: boycott and reduce the use of mobile phones Restriction and management of criminal activities.




With the increasing popularity of computers and calculators, the cultural level of students is rapidly declining. What positive and negative effects have the progress of science and technology brought about? Model answer: it is generally noticed that with the increasing use of computers and calculators in the classroom and at home, students' cultural level, students' reading and writing ability and mathematical ability are declining, which has aroused people's attention Seriously doubting the value of scientific and technological progress, I will first discuss the pros and cons of this issue. Of course, the progress of science and technology has brought many benefits to human beings and made our life more comfortable and healthy.

They have reduced the burden of most people's work, provided them with more leisure opportunities, and greatly improved their productivity. It is undeniable that, as mentioned above, as mentioned above Yes, technology has some negative side effects. Computers can check spelling, grammar and calculation.

Students have little incentive to learn how to do these things for themselves. The availability of TV programs and videos also contributes to unhealthy psychology. Another aspect of the problem is whether technology can be good or bad, depending on how we use it, for example Explosives can be used to make road construction easier, or it may be used to kill again.

Nuclear reactors can provide a lot of cheap electricity, but if they are not handled carefully, they can have devastating consequences. We can conclude that the progress of science and technology has both positive and negative effects. What we must do is to encourage positive factors as much as possible Eliminate negative effects, which means warning students not to let computers and calculators work for them.




With the development of the times, surfing the Internet has become a very common thing. No matter adults or children, as long as the computer is mentioned, they will think of surfing the Internet. However, surfing the Internet is beneficial, but there are also disadvantages.

I know that many people surf the Internet mainly for playing games. This is very bad. Therefore, some people think that primary and secondary school students lack self-control, but many people support the Internet.

Why Because the Internet can provide great help to people. The network is like a library. We can easily access a lot of materials.

Moreover, it is faster than consulting books. We can read more abundant news on the Internet. In addition, the Internet also has other functions, such as e-mail, Internet phone and other e-mail.

Internet has its advantages and disadvantages We use it to develop our vision and learn knowledge, but we must grasp the discretion.



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