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关于”送礼“的英语作文范文2篇,作文题目:Giving gifts。以下是关于送礼的高一英语范文,每篇作文均为高分范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Giving gifts

The real meaning of gifts is that many people just give gifts, even don't like to give them. They just because Christmas is coming, because it's new year, or because she is my mother, because she is my daughter, because he is my friend, because he is my husband, and so on, people sometimes just buy anything, which is a very heavy burden for buyers and recipients For you only receive a skeleton, no soul, no feelings, we all know this, it's not good, even Christmas or new year, if we don't have love, if we don't have sincere blessing, or most of them are sincere love, exchanging gifts is not a good habit, people don't use love to express their feelings, they are too busy to go Consider whether you should be emotionally involved. When Christmas comes, feelings have disappeared from the window, most of them have disappeared.

It's a good habit to express our feelings with gifts, but sometimes, if we put ourselves into it, even a rose, it's enough. People just want to show off their generosity and buy a big bunch of flowers, but it doesn't mean anything. So sometimes, I often hear people outside say, "ah, Christmas is coming, I didn't buy this for that person, I didn't It seems like a burden, it's not a feast for love, it's not an occasion to celebrate our bonds of friendship, but it's a time of heavy burdens, and people do it just to fulfill their obligations during the year.

It's a very boring period, but they don't really understand the meaning of the season, and they don't understand these behaviors And the meaning of gifts, that's why it's hard to have feelings when you go shopping at Christmas or new year's, with so many things to do, so many cars to drive, so many gifts to wrap, and all kinds of things. So, in such a rush, you know, at Christmas, people just fill each other's houses with all kinds of nonsense, all kinds of No The necessary toys and things, which we usually don't want to buy for ourselves. Sometimes, people make a joke, or maybe it's a true story.

Sometimes you find your gift coming back, after a friendship, you just laugh. Sometimes, this gift is what you want to get rid of, and it comes back to your whole circle son.




Once again, Christmas is on December every year. Christmas is the day for us to give and receive gifts. Santa Claus also gives presents to children on this special day of the year as decoration.

People usually decorate their houses with Christmas trees and lights.




Gift giving or gift exchange has a history of thousands of years. Gift giving is to celebrate and commemorate a meaningful event. A gift is a kind of communication or communication between two people or two groups.

A gift can also be a way to provide someone with something they would not normally buy for themselves. According to Emily Post, gift giving has its own etiquette process, and handwritten thank-you notes are an expected response to a gift, but in some cases, telephone and email may replace written notification. In a consumerist society, gift giving has economic and social effects.

Retailers who buy gifts for gifts increase their income, such as gift baskets, gift delivery and packaging services, and personal shopper services, which increase employment opportunities and funds for the economy. According to the international heifer Association, charitable giving benefits the wider community and society as a whole. Giving gifts can be a financial burden, which can lead to personal debt, and providing the desired gifts to others in society may weaken the intention or significance of gifts.

During the Christmas shopping season, people compete with others for the most expensive or desirable gifts, leading to long queues, fights, stampedes and personal injuries in retail stores.


送礼或交换礼物已经有几千年的历史了送礼是为了庆祝和纪念一个有意义的事件,礼物是两个人或两个团体之间的一种交流或交流,礼物也可以是向某人提供他们通常不会为自己购买的东西的一种方式。根据艾米莉·波斯特(Emily Post)的说法,送礼有自己的礼仪流程,手写感谢信是收到礼物时的一种预期反应,但在某些情况下,电话和电子邮件可能会取代书面通知。在一个消费主义社会中,送礼具有经济和社会效应,为送礼而购买礼品的零售商增加了收入,例如礼品篮,礼品递送和包装服务以及个人购物者服务为经济增加了就业机会和资金。


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