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关于”对客户保密“的英语作文范文5篇,作文题目:Confidentiality to customers。以下是关于对客户保密的四级英语范文,每篇作文均为高分范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Confidentiality to customers

Thank you for your interest in August. We are glad to hear from a distinguished customer your technical information about our software security system. I regret to say that we can't agree with your request.

In fact, most of our competitors also keep this information confidential. I sincerely hope that this will not inconvenience you. However, if there are other ways we can help, please Don't hesitate to contact us again.




ATMs are not new to city dwellers. At least one such machine can be found in the bank. Now, it is becoming popular in most rural areas of China.

It is a common phenomenon that people withdraw money or deposit through ATM. ATM is of great help to bank staff and customers. To some extent, ATM can free staff from heavy work and provide customers with faster and more convenient services.

However, ATM may be imperfect first. You can't withdraw much money, and how much money you want. 5000 yuan is the highest amount you can get every day.

Withdrawal from ATM is risky, They may suffer from theft, robbery or negligence. I think the following points can avoid most troubles: first, withdraw a large sum of money through the bank staff service; second, make sure that the place where the ATM is installed is secure enough; third, keep the password secret. Remember to take back the card and have someone to accompany you when using ATM at night.





There are two factors that seriously affect the effectiveness of Science in industry. One is the general atmosphere of confidentiality in conducting scientific research; the other is the lack of freedom of individual researchers, because any investigation is confidential, which naturally limits the effective contact of all people engaged in scientific research with their peers. Scientists, whether in other countries, universities, or even In other departments of the same company, the degree of confidentiality will naturally vary greatly.

The research carried out by some large companies is universal and fundamental. Therefore, it is a positive advantage for them not to keep secrets. The processes that rely on such research are completely confidential before they are patented.

Even more processes are not patented at all, but are preserved as secret processes. This applies particularly to the chemical industry, where chance finding plays a much greater role than in the physical and mechanical industries. Sometimes, confidentiality reaches such a level that it is impossible to mention the full nature of research, and many companies have great difficulties in obtaining technical or scientific books from libraries because they are reluctant to put their names in a certain category Or some kind of book, because they're afraid that agents from other companies will do it, and be able to track what research they might be doing.



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