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关于”用写未来“的英语作文模板3篇,作文题目:Write the future with。以下是关于用写未来的高三英语模板,每篇作文均为真题模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Write the future with

Four great inventions of paper: paper is an important chemical process. The invention of paper is a valuable contribution made by the Chinese people in the dissemination and development of human culture and development. It is also a great achievement in the history of Chinese chemistry.

Before that, oracle bone inscriptions, bamboo slips and silk were used to write and record ancient materials. However, due to the rapid development of economy and culture, bone and bamboo can no longer meet the needs of development People began to use small silk made of paper, just like hemp thread and silk, as well as the method of rough paper making in ancient China, so the quality was not very good, but the hemp and silk had their own functions, so it was difficult to get rapid development and meet the requirements of cultural life for paper Under the requirements of the new situation, Cai Lun of the Eastern Han Dynasty brought a new breakthrough in papermaking in the Eastern Han Dynasty. According to Guanyin, Cai Lun was brilliant, dedicated and cautious.

On holidays, he closed the hall to welcome visitors, sold inflatable body yards, made of bark and wide cloth, made of net paper, played in the first year of Xingyuan. Since the Emperor didn't use it, the salty one was called Caihou paper. "From top to bottom, Cai Lun used trees Although Cai Lun had paper before, the raw materials were very limited.

However, Cai Lun had to solve this problem for the new raw materials because the rags and broken nets had already completed the task and became waste products, which were used as raw materials for the paper industry. Among them, it was the ancient Chinese working people who, through long-term practice and research, had a great impact on the Sui Dynasty In about a year or so, people got inspiration from seal cutting.




Write letters, they read and write space evenly your words when you write intelligent lettering robot mechanism and hierarchical control design writing V writing writing writing [RA ɪ t] [RA ᠬ t] vt & VI writing writing writing letters [ˈ R ɪ L ɛ t ᠬ R ɪ] the surface of harmonic lettering is full of someone's face (with a feeling) guilt is covered with something / someone's full of it / sb this is a starry show, and nothing (too much) is worth writing / printing on paper: https://picwensosocom/pqpic/wenwenpic/0/ png/0.


写写字母他们读写空间均匀你的文字当你写智能刻字机器人机制和分级控制设计写作[ˈraɪtŋ][ˈraɪtɪŋ]n v书写书写书写[raɪt][raɪt]vt&vi书写书写书写书写字母[ˈrɪˈlɛtɪrɪ表面上的调和刻字法写满了某人的脸(有一种感觉)内疚被写满了他的脸上写满了某事/某人写满了它/sb这是一场星光熠熠的表演没有什么(太多)值得把它写/印在纸上:https://picwensosocom/pqpic/wenwenpic/0/png/0。


If life is a blank piece of paper, waiting for us to describe his struggle with blood and tears and the track of hard struggle, then life is a pencil. It always uses its own thin body, flows out the bottom of the pen on the white powder, and talks about life without any reason. Because the pen and brush can be used many times, as long as the ink is sucked, he can use it many times We can write pencils for a long time.

It's like a day's rest from our side. From now on, we must cherish our life time. We should pay attention to the fact that pencil is used by more and more people.

And pencil, which often brings forest breath, is more like a slender tree. Therefore, the clear stream derived a light crisp, from the pencil knife While spitting out small pieces of sawdust, very like leaves, clear shumanjuan like waves, beautiful lace dotted with life, like a pencil, always give you a lot of beautiful and profound reverie, life is a pencil, which also means that in life, if there are too many words written for some reason, or even make mistakes, you can gently wipe it with a sensory eraser, and then wipe it again It's not terrible to write down one's mistakes after one's new life. What's terrible is that you don't want to face it and correct it.

Your life is a pencil. Whether it's for yourself or for others, you can sketch or sketch leisurely and seriously. You can write your hard work with free and easy strokes in front of the hot life Use it to write your dedication to the cold world.

Life is a pencil. You can use it to design a blueprint for your future when you are full of joy and desire. You can also use light and hard characters to make fine lines.

With your strong and rich life, you can outline a lively life picture. It gives us such a powerful man inspiration, and we should like it, Always erect the waist shaft.



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