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关于”沉迷游戏的危害“的英语作文范文3篇,作文题目:The harm of being addicted to games。以下是关于沉迷游戏的危害的三年级英语范文,每篇作文均为满分范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:The harm of being addicted to games

IPhone iPhone iPhone iPhone now the iPhone has entered our life, it has brought us good results, but also has disadvantages. IPhone lets you know more information, you can make more friends, micro blog can enrich our after-school life, help us understand the society. However, the iPhone also brings some negative aspects, many students have to keep up with the neighbors Buying an iPhone has resulted in waste and bad consumption habits.

If you look at it often, it will also have a bad impact on it. We should treat it dialectically. We should not only take advantage of the convenience it brings, but also avoid bad aspects.




With the development of economy and science, almost every family has a computer. Therefore, more and more students are addicted to computer games. It is not a good phenomenon to indulge in computer games excessively.

As we all know, many students spend too much time on computer games that they fail the exam. Some students who are forbidden to use computers by their parents even steal their parents' money to go to Internet cafes. This is a dishonest and serious student.

I think our most basic thing is to learn. So we should stay away from computer games and study hard to repay our parents.




How to prevent children from becoming addicted to computers? Although computers are very useful tools that can help you accomplish a lot of things, it seems too easy to waste time on computers. Many children spend too much time on computers, which makes some parents disappointed with computer addiction. In particular, functions such as computers or instant messaging have been described as powerful as drug addiction, Although your children may not have reached this point, their overuse of computers may lead to more serious problems.

Note that software related steps (such as keyboard recorder or network history check) can be easily avoided. Fortunately, Chen Ming is one of these children. How to help Chen Ming get rid of this computer addiction, you can do the following: talk to Chen Ming He or she overuses the computer, if it's not in an open place - sometimes taking it out of the child's bedroom is enough to reduce their computer usage, and it makes it easier to monitor their use and set a password for the computer, so that only you can log in to the computer and understand how addicted your child is, and how addicted your child is What - your child spends most of his or her computer time playing games, chatting online, or just browsing the web.

If he or she is addicted to learning information, as long as it is legal, safe, and decent, then it shouldn't be a problem. Some children go through the stage of liking chat room websites and then decide not to be interested, and then turn to more educational ones For example, setting a time limit on the amount of time your child spends on the computer every day. Pay attention to what your child does on the computer.

At best, the use of a keyboard recorder is questionable. If it's just for the privacy of other individuals and guests who use the computer, then really, don't use one (because tech savvy individuals and guests can sometimes uninstall it They buy or download a program that limits computer use, and there are programs that allow children to "earn time" on websites that parents decide, such as popular social media sites.



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