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In the romance of the Three Kingdoms, Guan Yu was shot in the right arm by a poisonous arrow when he attacked Fancheng. When his men took out the arrow, they found that the poison had penetrated into his bones. So he advised him to go to Jingzhou for treatment.

Seeing that Guan Yu's injury was getting worse day by day, they sent scouts to find famous doctors. One day, a man named Hua Tuo came to the camp by boat to serve Guan Yu When he asked him how to cure Guan Yu's wound, Hua Tuo said that I was afraid you would be afraid, so I suggested that we set up a sentry post, tie you up with a ring, and then when your eyes were blindfolded, I would start the operation. Guan said with a smile that it was necessary.

Then he ordered Hua Tuo to have a dinner and drink a few drinks. At the same time, he put out his right arm to Hua Tuo It's your freedom. I'm not afraid of Hua's cutting skin and flesh, opening it up and scraping bones with a scalpel.

All the people present covered their eyes and continued to drink and play chess. After a while, the blood filled the basin and the poison was wiped off. Guan stood up and said with a smile that my arms can move freely.

As Mr. Hua Tuo said before, you are the miracle doctor that Mr. Hua Tuo said since I was a monk.

I have never seen anything like you You are a magic general.




When little black horse was young, he used to pull a carriage around the village. In the carriage was Mrs. Todd, the farmer's wife.

As the prince grew up, she liked to visit her friends. So she decided to buy her own car and put the prince on the grass, where he could do whatever he wanted. One morning, he heard the voice of the farmer, Todd and Mrs.

Todd Did you hear about Joe the postman? He sprained his ankle and couldn't walk. Then Prince came up with an idea and ran up to Mrs. Todd, shouting, "what do you want?" "She asked the prince.

The prince ran quickly to the barn. Mrs. Todd followed him to the old car in the corner.

He stamped his feet and shook his head very well. Do you believe that? Mrs. Todd prince gave me an idea that Joe, the postman, could move his letters around in his cart, and prince could pull them for him.

He knew all the roads in the village, and I would suggest to Joe that the postman Joe was happy that he could limp up to the cart with his schoolbag, and then he set out across the village, and whenever he had a letter, he stopped in the cart outside the door and rang a big brass bell - people came to their door to collect letters so Joe didn't have to climb up and down - and they were all happy to see the prince again, Some people gave him sugar PRINS felt very proud that he was such a popular pony.




In order to prevent our dog Lacey from pestering our guests, my mother often massages her under the table. The kitchen table is her favorite place to rest. One day, a contractor came up and sat across the table with my mother about the renovation.

My mother took off her shoes and casually comforted Lacey with her feet. My mother had been talking for half an hour, and when she heard Lacey barking outside the front door, she was very embarrassed. Take care of: prevent danger; entangle; massage; rest room; contractor; improve; renovate; slip n practice: what kind of dog is lacy what kind of dog is lacy what does mother often do to make visitors feel at home at home ③ who has a day ԡ ???? ???? ԡ my mother often does her work on home improvement projects for about half an hour because she massages not the dog but the Contractor's feet.


为了防止我们的狗莱西缠着来我家的客人,我妈妈经常在餐桌下给她按摩,厨房桌子是她最喜欢休息的地方。有一天,一个承包商走过来,和我妈妈坐在桌子对面讨论装修的事儿,我妈妈脱下鞋子,漫不经心地用脚抚慰蕾西我妈妈已经谈了半个小时了,当她听到莱西在前门外面吠叫时,她感到非常尴尬。注意:防止发生危险;纠缠;按摩;休息室;承包商;改进;翻新;滑倒n 练习: ①Lacy是一只什么样的狗 ②母亲经常做什么让来访者感到宾至如归 ③谁来了一天 母亲经常做她来参加家庭改善工程大约半小时,因为她按摩的不是狗,而是承包商的脚。

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