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There was a woman who had three sons when they were grown up. The sons ran away from home and were reunited after a few years. They discussed gifts for their elderly mother.

The first said, "I'm going to build a big house for our mother." the second said, "I'm going to give her a Mercedes Benz." and the third said, "remember how much mom likes reading the Bible, you know she can I gave her an extraordinary parrot. It could recite the whole Bible. It took the elders of the church many years to teach him.

My mother just needs to say the chapter and the Scripture, and the parrot will recite it quickly. She wrote a thank you letter to one of her sons, Milton, the house you built is too big. I only live in one room, but I have to clean the whole house.

Gerald, she wrote To another son, I'm too old to travel, I stay at home most of the time, so I rarely use Mercedes Benz, the driver is so rude, dear Donald, she wrote to her third son, you have the judgment to know what your mother likes, chicken is delicious.




Dear son, that day you saw me old and I had nothing, try to understand me, if I get dirty at dinner, if I can't dress, be patient, remember how much time I spent teaching you if I repeat the same thing when I'm talking to you, don't interrupt me. Listen to me. When you're young, I have to read you the same story until you go to sleep You want to take a bath without humiliating me or scolding me.

I still remember that I had to chase you with the same excuse. In order to let you see my ignorance of new technology, you want to take a bath and give me the necessary time. Don't look at me with your smile of ridicule.

I teach you how to do so many things to eat well and dress well to face life. When I lose my memory or the clue of our conversation, I have to go Remember, if I can't do it, don't be nervous because the most important thing is not my conversation, but to be with you and let you listen to me. If I don't want to eat, don't force me.

I know when I need it and when I don't need it. When my legs are too tired to allow me to walk, give me your hand, just like when you take the first step God, I said to you that I don't want to live any longer. I want to die without getting angry.

One day you will understand that trying to understand my age is not to survive, but one day you will find that, despite my mistakes, I always want the best for you. I try to prepare the way for you. You must not feel depressed or helpless because you see me by your side Understand me and help me, just as you did at the beginning of your life.

Help me to the end. I will repay you with love and patience, with a smile, with my infinite love for you, I love you, son, your father.




My dear son, I want to say something about you here. I know you are a naughty boy, but you spent a lot of time playing games. You still remember that your teachers and classmates praised you because you were addicted to playing games.

Your mother, your grades have fallen by a thousand feet. I was too anxious. I have been looking forward to your better life since you were born.

I want to say that you should control your time or take a break in the game. I hope you can make up your mind soon, your anxious mother.



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