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关于”我最喜欢的志愿者工作“的英语作文范文3篇,作文题目:My favorite volunteer work。以下是关于我最喜欢的志愿者工作的中考英语范文,每篇作文均为高分范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:My favorite volunteer work

I want to be a volunteer. I want to be a volunteer. Now I'm a translator.

I have to do something to help improve my spoken English. I want a picture of a volunteer doing protection work. Volunteers can do almost anything from helping an old neighbor shop.

I know these projects may be worth the money, but I don't have enough budget to do it every time for a few weeks All those who wish will spend dollars.




I want to be an environmental volunteer. There are many kinds of volunteers in our daily life. We all know that environmental problems are becoming more and more important, so I want to be a volunteer so that I can do something to protect the world.

First of all, I must do a good job in saving water and electricity. However, I always tell others not to waste any resources around us. I need to be on holiday It is not enough for me to go out on weekends and call for more attention to the environment.

However, if everyone contributes to the protection of the environment, our world will become better. To be a volunteer is not only my dream, but also my dream. My favorite thing in my life is to travel after a long time of hard work I will go to Beijing first because there are many ancient buildings in Qing Dynasty.

I am very interested in the history of this period.




Volunteers are people who work for a community or for the benefit of the natural environment, mainly because they choose to do so. The word comes from Latin and can be translated into will Individual services are also part of the definition of a group, and volunteer workers are not paid or paid except for out of budget expenses. Many organizations (hospitals, food banks, etc.) have an ongoing need for volunteers.

Other high-profile activities, such as marathons, require hundreds or thousands of volunteers at a time or a year. The success of such activities has a significant economic impact on the local economy, so people are increasingly aware of the economic importance of volunteers, which in turn increases the importance of volunteer managers in such activities. People who previously managed volunteers in addition to other responsibilities may now be regarded as professionals in the field, which also increases the importance of volunteer management software I told people that they didn't owe me anything, and I volunteered to help others, not for rewards or any special treatment, but because it was a way for you to volunteer for a better life for every young or old person for any reason Don't make your life better, and it won't bring you any reward.

Except what you dream, volunteering will make America better. Many heroes have given you freedom. I told my friends that no matter how much pain it is, you should continue to volunteer because others are more miserable than you.



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