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关于”爱产生爱“的英语作文范文2篇,作文题目:Love produces love。以下是关于爱产生爱的六级英语范文,每篇作文均为高分范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Love produces love

Love is a kind of power to produce love. Love is an activity rather than a negative influence. It is a kind of "standing" instead of "falling in love".

Generally speaking, the initiative of love can be described as follows: love is mainly to give, not to receive the most important field of giving. However, it is not a material field, but it exists in the concrete given by one person to another It does not necessarily mean that he has sacrificed his life for another person, but that he has given what is alive in him to him. He has given him his happiness, his understanding, his knowledge, his humor, his sorrow for all the manifestations and manifestations in his life, To enrich another person, he enhances the vitality of others by enhancing his own sense of life.

He does not give for the sake of receiving, which is a kind of wonderful happiness in itself. But giving him can not help him bring something to another person, and the life given thing is reflected to him in the real giving, and he can't help but accept the feedback His things, giving means making another person more active, and they both share the joy they bring to life. In the process of giving, something is born, and both participants are grateful for the life they have been born for.

As for love, it means that love is a power to produce love and impotence can't produce love. This idea was perfectly expressed by Marx: "suppose," he said, "man is a man, and his relationship with the world is a human relationship. If you want to enjoy art, you must be a person who has a strong incentive and influence on others.

Every relationship you have with people and nature must be Your true and true expression, the individual life corresponding to the object of your will, if you love and do not call for love, that is to say, if your love itself does not produce love, if you, as a living expression, do not turn yourself into a lonely person, then your love is incompetent and unfortunate. ".




When it comes to love, it always evokes the greatest emotions, reactions and passions. But what is love? Love is the feeling you get when you meet the right person. This is how many people approach a relationship consciously or unconsciously.

They believe that love is a sense (based on physical and emotional attraction). Miraculously, when "the right person" or "the right person" comes out, they believe that love is a feeling Now, it comes naturally, just as easily. When the magic of falling in love "doesn't exist", it will spontaneously degenerate and you will disappear from it.

In his famous paper "the art of love", the key word is passive, "noticing the tragic consequences of this wrong idea:" there are almost no activities, no career, holding such great hopes and expectations at the beginning, but they often fail, just like love "(which may make him more pessimistic today, so what is true and lasting love is deep The attachment that comes from appreciating the beauty of others. Love is a choice. If love comes from appreciating the good, it doesn't have to happen.

You can make it happen. Love is active. You can create it by focusing on the strengths of others (everyone has some.

If you can do it easily, you can easily fall in love with him).




Love can't be forced to love. Love doesn't need to be taught to love at first sight. Love requires faith.

But faith is firm. Love is the touchstone of virtue. Don't love rashly at a glance.

Soon, cold love is a sweet torment. Love does not rule his kingdom with a sword bechhttp://bloghjenglishcom/hongweiweiwei Bebek .


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