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One day, when a UFO landed, a UFO lander was doing my homework. I was very surprised. I couldn't believe that when the alien walked out of the UFO, a boy was walking in the street.

The alien was buying souvenirs. A girl was shopping. The alien was visiting the museum.

When the UFO took off, the boy was called to the police Look, people are surprised at how well people are doing.




Alien is from space. He lost his way on the earth. He made a friend here.

Little Jack wants to find a UFO to go home. He points to a motorcycle and asks Jack if it is a UFO. Jack says no, what is a motorcycle.

Jack points to a spaceship and asks if Jack is a motorcycle. It doesn't mean jack is an UFO No, it's not an alien. It's a spaceship.

The alien points to a UFO and asks little Jack whether it's a spaceship or not. It's not a motorcycle. It doesn't say little Jack.

Shake his head. What is little Jack? He says it's a UFO. Here comes my UFO.

The alien is very happy to find a flying saucer and go home. He says thank you, Jack, i We all know that we live in a complicated world. Although human technology has been developing, we still have many unsolved problems in all these puzzles.

UFO is one of the most striking things we all know. UFO is what we call UFO, or UFO for short, Once we mention UFOs, we always communicate with high-tech, alien, outer space culture and many other exciting things. There are many eyewitnesses all over the world who are sure that they happened to see some strange things in the sky.

Under the long-term efforts of UFO scientists, most of them can not provide credible evidence, and most of the events are the most It is considered as a natural phenomenon or human behavior. Some of the so-called UFOs are just a bird, an airplane, a balloon or even a plastic bag. Until now, we have not found any clues or supernatural phenomena about the real alien civilization, but we would like to see that with the continuous efforts of mankind, we will get more profound knowledge, and we will realize the essential belief of the world we have.




Unidentified flying object (UFO) is a popular term used to describe air phenomena that are not easily identified. Some definitions, such as those used by the U.S. air force, define UFOs as objects that cannot be identified after careful examination by expert investigators.

Although other definitions define UFOs as UFOs from the time they were first reported as UFOs, many military and civil investigations have concluded that UFOs can be directly or through the use of Occam razors Identification, therefore IFO. The modern report on identification of flying objects and the first official investigation of UFOs began during World War II. The so-called foo fighters were witnessed by Allied aircraft crews.

In, with the widespread discovery of "ghost Rockets" in Europe, UFO reports became more common after they were first widely publicized in the United States. Pilot Kenneth Arnold (Kenneth Although the US Air Force introduced the term "UFO" instead of "UFO", UFO was sometimes used as a synonym for an alien spacecraft in popular culture, although an anomaly could be classified as an UFO independent of opinions on its origin, some investigators preferred it Use the broader term unidentified flight phenomenon or UAP Wikipedia.


不明飞行物(UFO)是一个流行的术语,用于描述那些不容易识别的空中现象。一些定义,例如美国空军使用的定义,将不明飞行物定义为经专家调查人员仔细检查后仍无法识别的物体,尽管其他定义从第一次被报告为不明飞行物时就将其定义为不明飞行物,但许多军事和民用调查都得出结论,不明飞行物可以直接或通过使用奥卡姆剃须刀来识别,因此是IFO,识别飞行物现代报告和第一次官方对不明飞行物的调查始于第二次世界大战期间,盟军飞机机组人员目击了所谓的foo战斗机,年,随着欧洲“幽灵火箭”的广泛发现,不明飞行物的报告在美国首次被广泛宣传后变得更加普遍飞行员肯尼斯·阿诺德(Kenneth Arnold)在年中(由此产生了流行的术语“飞碟”和“飞碟”),尽管美国空军引入了“飞碟”一词来取代“飞碟”,但在流行文化中,UFO有时仍被用作外星航天器的同义词,尽管一个异常现象可以被归类为一个不明飞行物独立于对其起源的意见,一些调查人员更喜欢使用更广泛的术语不明飞行现象或UAP维基百科。

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