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关于”有关初恋“的英语作文模板2篇,作文题目:About first love。以下是关于有关初恋的初中英语模板,每篇作文均为万能模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:About first love

I love my family. I have a happy family. My family has five poppers: grandparents, dad and mom.

My grandparents live in the country. They have six rooms. The room is big.

There are two apples on the ground. They have sixteen goats and three cows. The goats are white.

The cattle are yellow. They are healthy parents. I live in the city.

My father is a worker. He works hard My mother is a Chinese teacher in high school. She goes to work by bike at 7 pm.

She doesn't go home at night. She cooks good dinner. I'm a student.

I have Chinese, math and English every day. It's boring. I have many friends after class.

I play with my friends. We all work hard, but we are very happy that I love my family, grandfather No.7.




It happens to us as well as to our children. This is campus love. No matter whether we agree or not, it can last for a long time.

It seems to be a controversial issue, and no one can be sure. The answer may not be simple "yes" or "no", but rather rather quite complex. Many people, including myself, believe that campus love can last for a long time I guess almost half of them have experienced their "first love" before they enter the University.

No matter whether the first love is successful or not, the important thing is that they have experienced, learned to express their love, learn to understand and support each other in spirit, and learn to tolerate. No matter whether the first love is successful or not, it is important for them to make friends with their "first love" before they enter the University What they have experienced is that they have learned to express their love, understand and support each other spiritually, and sometimes they have learned tolerance and compromise. In the process of their first love, in order to cultivate their love carefully, they have a deeper understanding of love and a deeper understanding of themselves, which is a sign of maturity of other college students, although they have not experienced the first love, he We are already adults, able to think independently and make their own decisions.

They have heard stories and articles about love, they have formed their own views on love, have what they love, and they want to keep their love.




LZ OK open the door of memory, the scene of the past is like a specious magic and evil, with love, hate, sour and sweet, with our youth passed some of them, some people think we have forgotten ourselves, but they came back inadvertently, suddenly found that they did not really go with the wind, but have been hidden in our hearts, listening to our hearts, accompany us For example, the first love "first love", how warm and slightly sad but beautiful words, it represents our dream of youth, forever young, although the past has been long, but the past has been long, the past has not to be forgotten, the past has been long, the past has no need to go back to the past, but fortunately there are shadows in the film, the vast sea, those relations In the first love or sad or melancholy romantic love stories, such as the gorgeous fireworks blooming in the night, each one tells us the familiar memories of the past. Every time we slap, we recall the past together. Once the life was so difficult, or only the children of life will "this one-year-old girl has a pair of prematurely mature and vicissitudes eyes, she looks at Rio Tinto blankly The sunglasses that asked "life is like this" blindfolded Leo's eyes.

I don't know how I feel about it. America killed Italy to Rio de Janeiro in time. It was not a very ordinary little man, but his killer used to make a living.

However, after meeting him and Matilda, his life began to change. Mathilda witnessed his parents being killed and avenged It's her wish.


LZ ok打开记忆之门,往事的场景像是似是而非的魔法和邪恶,怀着爱,有恨,有酸有甜,与我们的青春一起走过了其中的一些,有人以为我们早已忘记了自己,但他们不经意间回来突然发现自己并不是真的随风而去,却一直藏在我们心中倾听我们的心声,陪伴着我们的呼吸,保护我们的记忆比如初恋“初恋”,多么温馨而略带伤感却又美丽的话语,它代表着我们青春的梦想,永远年轻,往事虽已久,但往事已久,往事已不必忘记,往事已久,往事已不必再往事往事,我们无法回到过去,但好在电影里有影子茫茫大海,那些关于初恋或悲伤或忧郁的浪漫爱情故事,如夜幕中绽放的绚丽烟花每一朵,都告诉我们熟悉的回忆往事,每一次拍打,都是我们共同回忆过去的事,曾经的生活是那么的艰难,还是只有生命的孩子们将这“一岁的女孩有一双过早成熟和沧桑的眼神,她茫然地看着力拓问“人生就是这样”的墨镜把利奥的眼睛蒙上了,不知道有什么感受美国及时从意大利杀到里约热内卢并不是一个很普通的小男人,只是把他的杀手当作谋生的手段然而,在遇到他和马蒂尔达之后,他的生活开始发生变化,玛蒂尔达目睹了自己的父母被杀,复仇一直是她的愿望。

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