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关于”体育对社会的影响“的英语作文模板2篇,作文题目:The influence of sports on society。以下是关于体育对社会的影响的高三英语模板,每篇作文均为高分模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:The influence of sports on society

The 21st century is the century of science and technology. Science and technology are everywhere. The development of science and technology has a great impact on the society.

The Internet, computer and mobile phone are the common technologies we use. These new technologies make our life easier and better. The development of computer has changed our life.

Decades ago, because there was no computer, people needed to do a lot in their hands Complex calculations, and more obviously, they don't have computing software. Therefore, since the development of computers, people have spent several hours on the equations that can be solved by computers in one minute. People can use some kind of software to calculate many complex functions.

The mathematical computing computer has become the most useful equipment for scientific workers because it can make more effective use of time. The Internet is another useful tool for us today Instead of going to the library to look through all the books to find out some information, we just need to click on the website to study. The Internet has brought us to a place where we can find unlimited information and resources.

It makes our life easier and better. Now the latest technology is mobile phones. Many people have a mobile phone, But it's only been on the market for about a few years, and it's very convenient for users because we can talk to anyone on a cell phone as small as a wallet, and we can talk to people by phone instead of writing letters.

In a word, I believe that the development of science and technology has a significant impact on our lives. It is very helpful to us. I believe that technology will continue to improve in the future.

I hope it can help us in the college.


世纪是当今科技的世纪,科技无处不在,科技的发展对社会产生了重大的影响,我们通常使用的几种技术是互联网、电脑和手机这些新技术首先使我们的生活变得更加轻松和美好,计算机的发展改变了我们的生活几十年前,由于没有计算机,人们需要在手上做许多复杂的计算,更明显的是,他们没有计算软件。因此,自从计算机发展以来,人们花了几个小时在计算机可以在一分钟内解出的方程上,人们可以使用某种软件来计算许多复杂的函数,而数学计算计算机也因为可以更有效地利用时间而成为科学工作者最有用的设备,互联网是我们今天的另一个有用的工具互联网的发展给社会带来了巨大的影响,而不是去图书馆翻所有的书来找出一些信息,我们只需简单地用鼠标点击网站进行研究互联网把我们带到了一个可以找到无限信息和资源的地方,它使我们的生活变得更加轻松和美好现在最新的技术是手机,很多人都有一部手机,但它在市场上才出现了大约几年,这对用户来说非常方便,因为我们可以用一个像钱包那么小的手机和任何人交谈,我们可以通过打电话而不是写信来与人交流。总之,我相信科技的发展科技的发展给我们的生活带来重大的影响它对我们非常有帮助,我相信科技在未来会不断改进我希望它能帮助 ;在学院里。


In the past few years, tourism has become a new fashion for many ordinary Chinese people, especially in every labor day, national day and Spring Festival holidays, a large number of people pour into scenic spots all over the country. Some people define this phenomenon as "tourism fever", and call holidays "golden week of Tourism". The reasons are as follows: first, people's living conditions have been greatly improved, and many people have made great efforts to improve their living conditions Can afford to travel; second, the higher quality of life requirements, so that tourism has become one of the most important entertainment activities for ordinary people, but there are many problems in the tourism tropics, such as the rising price of tourism related aspects, crowded scenic spots, low service quality and so on.

For me, people should be fully aware of the disadvantages behind the tourism craze, and should A reasonable plan is needed.




The benefits of sports recently, more and more people stay at home watching TV and surfing the Internet, resulting in obesity and even serious illness. There is no doubt that sports are good for our health. A person who exercises regularly can keep healthy.

Sports can make you healthy and confident. If you exercise with your friends regularly, you will eventually be close to them. Sports can make your life more colorful.

Nothing is more important than doing sports. It is more important to take action to stay away from TV and computer and take part in sports Enthusiasm for sports: Although physical education is a part of children's education, many teenagers do not form the habit of exercise. They have no interest in sports.

Sports enthusiasm is very important. On the one hand, young people should take it as an integral part of their education. On the other hand, improving their sports enthusiasm will help them maintain a healthy lifestyle and learning in school Students are forced to exercise in physical education class, they need to participate in some activities in this way, students live in a healthy lifestyle, they will not easily get sick, but after leaving school, no one forced them to do so, so they are lazy to exercise, on the other hand, their body will become weak, enthusiasm for sports can help students enhance their sense of team Most sports need more than one person to do, such as badminton and table tennis.

These sports need more than two people. When playing badminton, they need to cooperate, so that they can defeat others. If they only care about themselves, they can't play games.

Doing these games will bring team consciousness to students, which is very important for their career.



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