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关于”我对规划的看法“的英语作文范文2篇,作文题目:My views on Planning。以下是关于我对规划的看法的高考英语范文,每篇作文均为万能范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:My views on Planning

In modern society, advertisement is everywhere. There are many ways of advertising, and the forms of advertising are not the same. There are advertisements on newspapers and billboards, and some products are published on TV and radio, with a wide audience; advertising is a big industry, with many organizations set up to provide various services for it.

Advertisements are not popular. Sometimes the most irritating thing is to watch advertisements before and during watching movies on TV. There are so many advertisements that you forget to sit there what.

Ironically, advertisements for one category of things are often played one after another, so that you are confused about your products. More importantly, advertisements are not always true. Advertisers exaggerate the benefits of the goods they want to sell in order to make more profits, thus making consumers the victims of such advertisements.

Although advertising has its disadvantages, we should not forget the benefits and convenience it brings us in the first place. As long as we have ready-made things, we can save our money and time. They will guide us to find suitable jobs and other information.

Secondly, all kinds of activities and organizations get financial support through advertising. Without this support, we will have to pay more for newspapers and sports competitions. Thirdly, even if perfect advertisements provide entertainment, they also invest a lot of energy in their production.

Therefore, in most cases, photography is the real art, and the slogan is really humorous and emotional The situation is absolutely interesting. Generally speaking, advertising has become one of the most authoritative voices. Today, let's learn to choose the right advertisement to make our life easier.

We should be the owner of the advertisement instead of their ointment.





My view on English is to use learning English to deal with what I have learned for many years. It is a waste of resources and manpower. It is necessary to popularize English.

Look at the people who have graduated from University, now there are several people who can use English to spread English. I think it is a major national policy error. Students have the energy to learn English.

Some of my classmates speak English more fluently than Chinese and have grammar There are few mistakes, and you dare to say that you are a Chinese. I don't know if you notice that people are the result of learning English. After learning English, you can't use it in the future.

Why don't you take English as an elective course? Students will study naturally if they are interested in it. After studying for half a day, there will be no students. Some people say that learning English is not something I can't see.

First of all, I can't see it It's interest. People will naturally be interested in learning. I dare say that people who are engaged in English work are now interested in English, which is a necessary condition for graduation and employment.

However, a few English learners encounter another English word in one year. It is almost a fashion for children who have been eager to learn English to say Chinese proverbs are mixed with several English words, So what about beauty? I want to ask, do you speak Mandarin or English? I want to do it now. The so-called Chinglish grammar is also one of the reasons.




Honesty is a lasting virtue of human beings, which is regarded as the most important quality. People admire honest people and hate those who often lie. However, some people say that honesty is often not so important in a market economy, but in my opinion, no matter how the situation changes, honesty will never be out of date.

First of all, honesty is always the mainstream of our society, honest people are respected; second, no matter in daily life or in business, dishonest people will be excluded by others, people want to establish relationships, honesty is the basis of true friendship in business, those who make money at the cost of honesty will eventually pay the price, honesty should become a part of our personality, we We should treat it as our most precious wealth. It may not bring you material benefits, but your spirit must be rich. In short, honesty is an important quality, which should be deeply rooted in everyone's heart.




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