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关于”描写中国伟人“的英语作文模板2篇,作文题目:Describe the great men of China。以下是关于描写中国伟人的中考英语模板,每篇作文均为满分模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Describe the great men of China

I admire Yang Liwei for his greatness, touching story and people's praise for the spirit. This is the pride of China's manned eflight spirit, which is worthy of learning. He can endure hardships, fight and study, especially his professionalism.

Praising him is the pride of China, because he risks his life to learn, in order to realize the dream of flying, and for the progress and nothingness of mankind The spirit of private dedication, of course, in this view, his performance is not very famous, but his achievements were immeasurable a few years ago. Now, none of the "Shenzu" and "Shenzu" have been successful. In the eyes of foreigners, China's scientific and technological progress is really great, and China is really great.

It is worthy of praise from foreigners for the way China did not have before and China's development It is the progress of the times and the correct leadership of the Communist Party of China to sw China's various advanced weapons, advanced technologies and the development of socialist productive forces. Yang Liwei's deeds, which lead the Chinese people to prosperity and become the s of the country, are great and worth learning. His manned e spirit cannot be measured by money, because it means life Life and blood mean the contribution of youth.

Before flying, he had written down his will, because he knew that if he succeeded, he would be very happy. If he failed, it was his dedication to the people. He knew that life is not about length but dedication.

This sws that Yang Liwei is a le spiritual quality. Life is a happy life and a happy person has his own career No matter w you are, you suld understand that you have an unshirkable responsibility on your sulders. If you struggle to the end, it doesn't matter if you are unsuccessful.

You can examine yourself and say that I have tried hard.




Tmas Edison's invention whenever you turn on the lights, listen to recorded music or watch a movie, you are enjoying one of Tmas Alva Edison's discoveries. In fact, it's very sad not to use one of the many important patented discoveries of his life in one day. Edison helped us communicate better by improving the telegraph and telepne.

He invented the pnograph and brought music into our me. He designed and built the first indoor lighting system, lighting our use with electricity. Experience Edison's music, as it was first recorded, is believed to be the invention of the first pnograph on CD.

You will hear Edison's early recordings played on the old "hand" cylinder and diamond disc model gramopne, and then try to guess the many different uses Edison proposed for this extraordinary invention, transmitting messages in Morse code through the working telegraph key This explores the significance of discovering telegrams in the boarding room during Edison's life in Louisville.





A lot of people are complaining about the high use prices, but it is useless to complain and can't solve the problem, because this is the situation of real estate. So think about my problem. If you are a leader, w would you solve the problem of high use prices? China suld not say some useless and uncoordinated words, but say some practical ones.

People are beneficial to others. Maybe, if I am a leader, I will use my wisdom and practical actions to solve the using problem, consider this issue in the national decision-, serve the people wleheartedly, seek the interests of the people, and be the public servant of the people.



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