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关于”未来的变化“的英语作文模板4篇,作文题目:Changes in the future。以下是关于未来的变化的四年级英语模板,每篇作文均为高分模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Changes in the future

The happy earth is a beautiful earth. For several years, it has been named "beautiful planet" by the king of the universe. I wake up every morning with a member of the earth, and put on this dress containing nanofiber, which is a great invention of the century.

Can we adjust the temperature automatically according to the change of the weather? In the hot summer, we can feel the warmth of spring in the cold winter Take a bath, come to the kitchen, and the kitchen will measure all the nutrition you need today according to your steps, and immediately make "omnipotent pill" for you. This is a kind of nutritious food to ensure that the human body is ready for everything in a day's nutritional will. On the way to work in the electronics building, a spaceship shuttles through the wide street, with buildings on both sides of the road The garden with novel shape and well cut trees and trees give off oxygen and the fragrance of flowers is overflowing.

The two gases mix together, which makes me intoxicated. My office in the center of the city is a very modern building, which is a bit like the famous Eiffel Tower in France. The appearance material of the whole building is silver gray solar panels, which can make me intoxicated Absorb the heat of the sun, and then through the building substation, part of the power supply to the daily work of the whole building, and the other part of the input power for storage.

If you want to use electricity in rainy days, you can mix the "warehouse" electric energy. In this way, you can use electricity for the spring tower. After a busy day in the electrical building, I drove home in a "happy" spaceship.

I sat on the sofa and sighed Dao: Hey, if you want to develop a lot of things beneficial to ethnic projects, you have to learn from hard work.




In the near future, great changes will take place in people's lives and necessities. Even if there are robots to help us, there will also be driverless cars to help us reach our destination safely and quickly. This does not need our control.

In the future, spaceships will carry us to other planets, even though it is far away from us. In addition, there is a supercomputer that can help us calculate all kinds of calculations, and I look forward to it in the future.




I am full of expectations for the future life. First of all, I believe that my life will be simpler. I will save money every month.

Therefore, I will not be in financial difficulties. My hometown is a quiet and beautiful small village. I want to live there.

I can imagine that there is enough time for me to do anything I want every day. I will be happy that I can sleep and wake up in nature. I don't need to rush to work I'll take my favorite books for a walk along the river.

I'll sit by the river, enjoy the natural scenery, read some books, and write a letter to my friends and family. My house will have a big yard, and I will plant flowers every day. I will take some time to take care of them.

When the flowers are in full bloom, I will pick some for my friends or children. If the weather is fine now, I can imagine how happy I will be when they open the door to find the flowers, because I will still be useful and bring happiness to others. I don't have to worry about my health I am used to having good habits.

I eat healthy food. If I have time, I don't smoke or drink, I will take a walk. I will keep these habits forever.

In addition, social groups will get better and better. If I am too old to take care of myself, I think social groups will think of me and my children will take care of me, because I will have a simpler life and I don't need to worry about my health I believe I will have a comfortable and quiet time when I grow up.



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