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关于”父母期望值“的英语作文范文5篇,作文题目:Parents' expectations。以下是关于父母期望值的八年级英语范文,每篇作文均为高分范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Parents' expectations

It is said that Chinese parents are the most responsible parents in the world. From the birth of their children, they begin to plan everything for their children. They choose schools, children's hobbies and even their children's partners.

Chinese parents want to cultivate their children into excellent children. They place their hopes on their children. Some people say that Chinese children are the unhappiest children in the world because they follow their parents Life, they have no idea of their own.

Both sides reflect the family situation in China. Parents put too much pressure on their children. Children are not happy with their parents' expectations.

I feel that my parents always want me to be the first. They tell me that I should get the highest score. I feel tired.

I tell them how I feel, and then they begin to realize Their expectations have become a burden on me, and parents should give their children space.




Some students are preparing for the entrance examination, but they can't concentrate on the test paper because they know their parents are waiting for them anxiously outside. They are very nervous because they are worried that they will not meet their parents' expectations. This photo reveals a serious problem in our modern society: students are under too much pressure.

From the perspective of parents' expectations, Chinese young parents have only one child. They have high expectations for their children. They hope that their children can enter famous universities so that they can find good jobs in the future.

They will do everything possible to stimulate them Encouraging children to study hard adds too much invisible pressure to their study. As depicted in the picture, the students' faces show anxiety, as if they are taking exams for their parents rather than for themselves. It is understandable that parents expect their children to succeed in the future.

However, they should give their children a happy life in their lives With the expectation of exerting pressure, few students can learn well under great academic and psychological pressure. In my opinion, parents should try their best to lighten the psychological burden of their children and renew their own choices and lifestyles.




Well, different families have different expectations for career, money, children and their own families. We all choose the expectations we want to achieve, and we have to bear these consequences. Some parents have strict expectations for them.

In this case, children have to choose whether to be independent, go their own way or stick to their family's expectations. I know in the west, I They are encouraged to go their own way at any cost, but sometimes, it does bring bad results. Every decision we make will bring good and bad consequences to me.

I hope my children will give full play to their potential. This may not be University, but it is their best effort in one field. They enjoy every one of my children and get all of us There are certain gifts that I want them to use responsibly.

All in all: Yes, if my little son becomes a rapper (I think it's inappropriate language, my daughter becomes a stripper, if she's quite successful) I'll be disappointed in dancing and letting men spend money. My eldest son is a killer (even if he has the strength and wisdom to kill) If my second son becomes a drug dealer (even if he is the most cunning salesman, I do hope that my children can maintain close family relations with me, and I do hope that they can listen to my advice. Note: I didn't say to listen, but at least listen and think about it.

When children think their parents are too old to give me advice, it's electronic, and then These children are too old, and I think it's a good thing to have a healthy discussion of expectations between children and their parents. In order to maintain family ties while respecting personality, a compromise might be.



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