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关于”寻找的软件“的英语作文模板2篇,作文题目:Looking for software。以下是关于寻找的软件的专业英语模板,每篇作文均为满分模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Looking for software

Advertising design member job introduces himself: I am a student majoring in art and advertising design in XX University. I especially like other kinds of design. I can find every moment in my life from everyday design.

I also hope to take this opportunity to find a cheerful passion on the stage of life that can show my strength, have good interpersonal skills and adapt to the new environment better and faster I am good at observing, paying attention to details, forgiving others but not forgiving myself is my life motto, always ready to bear hardships, work is the innovation of my work attitude, not afraid of failure, never yield to friends is to evaluate the skills I am learning, like only hone, the greater the pressure. In addition, I have a strong interest in computer and English learning, through hard work, systematically learn VI corporate image Planning, advertising copywriting, graphic creativity, poster design, packaging design, books, photography and other design expertise, familiar with graphic design software Photoshop, CorelDRAW, InDesign drawing software, CAD TV post software premiere learning, I pay attention to the combination of theory and practice, have strong practical operation ability, can independently engage in advertising planning and graphic advertising design work Professional ability: skillfully use word, Excel and office software operation, have dedication and sense of responsibility, I can face any difficulties and challenges, I actively participate in school activities and social practice, do not miss any opportunity to exercise me into society, in order to adapt to the society, I hope to become a kind of appearance that others need, as for what to do, is in practice, in the With continuous study and continuous exercise, we heard that you are actively seeking development. PAP only I sincerely hope to join your company, contribute to the development of your company and enhance my intelligence.




As people become smarter about email fraud, criminal gangs will find new ways to defraud the Internet, sell fake goods or steal company secrets, says Dave Rand of Trend Micro, a cyber security company. "Attacks are becoming more and more complex," he told Reuters. Com, and the micro site Dave randin hackers will is searching social networking sites such as MySpace to gather information for more focused attacks on people's computers.

"This is definitely a mature area that can be exploited by malware," said Ed English, chief technology officer of Trend Micro anti spyware English users may find their computers infected with viruses that secretly record all of their keystrokes or send out millions of spam e-mail messages. Physical theft fraudsters search websites that allow people to leave photos and personal details for the target of "phishing" - fraud designed to lure people into revealing credit card numbers Sex email hackers also target people who use instant messaging services or make phone calls over the Internet Saidtrend's microfunctional new mobile phones and laptops will also be targeted by thieves. McAfee, a security company, said that bypassing tight security measures to steal e-mails, files or contacts, "modern mobile phones are essentially micro laptops, and in its annual crime report the company said" mobile devices are a serious challenge, "McAfee warned, warning businesses "Corporate espionage is a big business, its report says," data is often priceless, and stealing business secrets, information or contacts is a cash cow for cyber criminals.

". Security companies say cyber crime is hard to crack down on because it involves different continents and time zones.


网络安全公司trend micro的戴夫·兰德(dave rand)说,随着人们对电子邮件诈骗越来越明智,犯罪团伙将找到新的方式进行网络诈骗、销售假货或窃取公司机密。“攻击变得越来越复杂,”他告诉路透社网站,微网站dave randin hackers will正在搜索诸如myspace这样的社交网站,收集信息,以便对人们的电脑进行更集中的攻击。“这绝对是一个成熟的领域,可以被恶意软件(恶意软件)利用,”ed english说,trend micro反间谍软件首席技术官Retrend microed English用户可能会发现自己的电脑感染了病毒,这些病毒会秘密记录下他们的所有击键行为或发出数百万条垃圾电子邮件信息实体盗窃欺诈者会在允许人们留下照片和个人详细信息的网站上搜索,寻找“网络钓鱼”攻击的目标——旨在诱骗人们暴露信用卡号码的欺诈性电子邮件黑客也会以使用即时消息服务或通过互联网打电话的人为目标,trend micro saidtrend的微功能新手机和便携式电脑也将成为窃贼试图攻击的目标安全公司mcafee称,绕过严密的安全措施窃取电子邮件、文件或联系人,“现代手机本质上是微型便携式电脑,该公司在其年度犯罪报告中称“移动设备是一个严重的挑战”,mcafeemcafee警告说,对企业的间谍活动将变得越来越复杂,犯罪分子正在雇佣学生在公司安营扎寨,大量数据可以从小型便携式记忆棒上删除McAfee“企业间谍活动是一项大生意,它的报告说“数据往往是无价之宝,窃取商业机密、信息或联系人是网络犯罪者获利的摇钱树”。



Dear Ms. Anderson: I am looking for a position in data processing management. I am enclosing my resume for reference.

My background in data processing includes programming, systems analysis, project management, database management, and management information systems department management. I was an information center manager at Wilson company in Golem, New Hampshire, where I was responsible for planning, budgeting, organizing and managing the day-to-day operations of the Department. In addition to supporting all end-user computing on IBM mainframes and personal computers, I am also responsible for evaluating PC hardware and software, developing PC standards and policies, consulting PC application design, and maintaining host and PC security controls I am looking for a position in the range of $to $with no relocation restrictions if there are suitable vacancies in your business, I would appreciate the opportunity Meet with you and members, thank you for your consideration and hope you can receive your letter as soon as possible.

Your sincerity is yours, Richard r Reardon, Richard r Reardon.


尊敬的安德森女士:我正在寻找一个数据处理管理的职位,并随函附上我的简历,以供参考。我在数据处理方面的背景包括编程、系统分析、项目管理、数据库管理和管理信息系统部门管理,我曾在新罕布什尔州戈勒姆市威尔逊公司担任信息中心经理,负责规划、预算、组织和管理该部门的日常运营。除了支持IBM大型机和个人计算机上的所有最终用户计算外,我还负责评估PC机硬件和软件,制定PC标准和政策,咨询PC应用程序设计,维护主机和PC安全控制 我正在寻找一个在$到$范围内的职位,没有重新安置的限制 如果您的业务有合适的空缺,我将非常感谢有机会与您和成员见面感谢您的考虑,希望您能尽快收到您的来信,您的真挚是您的,Richard R Reardon,Richard R Reardon。

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