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关于”简单的事“的英语作文模板3篇,作文题目:Simple things。以下是关于简单的事的专八英语模板,每篇作文均为万能模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Simple things

It's nice and happy to smile at life, but sometimes it's hard. How do we deal with problems in our lives. Face it with a smile, face it bravely.

In this way, you will find that the difficulties in life are quite simple. Just like Stephen William Hawking, their life is not as easy as simple people, but he has never given support. As long as we face life with courage and happiness, they can simplify the things we fear.

As long as we do it, it is in your hands. Don't let life control what you can do, And the powerful tool to fight for yourself is to smile, and you can do it if you want to.





Moralists often say that pursuing happiness is impossible. This is only true if you are not wise. The gamblers in Monte Carlo pursue money, and most people lose it, but there are other ways to pursue money, which are often successful, so is happiness.

If you pursue happiness by drinking, you forget that the hangover Epicurus is about living in a society that suits you, eating only dry bread and adding a little cheese on party day. His method has proved to be successful in his case, but he is a frail and sickly man. Most people need something more energetic and pursue happiness for most people.

Unless it is supplemented in various ways, it is too abstract and theoretical to be a personal rule of life. However, I don't think that no matter what kind of personal life rule you choose, it should not be It is incompatible with happiness, unless in a very few and heroic cases, there are many people who have all the material conditions of happiness, that is, health and adequate income. Moreover, in such cases, we are very unhappy.

It seems that the error lies in a wrong theory about how to live. We can say that any theory about how to live is wrong The difference between ourselves and animals is greater than our impulse to be animals. As long as external conditions are favorable, if you keep a cat, it will enjoy life.

If it has food, warmth and the chance to spend the night on tiles occasionally, your needs are more complex than your cat. But in civilized society, especially in English speaking society, they still have an instinctive basis, which is so easy to forget A businessman may be so eager to get rich that when he finally becomes rich, he sacrifices his health and personal feelings. In addition to admonishing others to follow his noble example, many women with money, although nature does not give them any spontaneous pleasure in literature and art, she does not give them any spontaneous pleasure in literature and art They decided to be considered cultured and spend some boring time learning how to talk about fashion properly.

These books were written to bring happiness, not to provide opportunities for dusty snobbery (to be continued).





Can robots completely replace humans in the future? The answer is not simple. The reason is that robots can never replace humans in the process of reproduction. There are many other things.

I believe that one day robots can do a lot of things for human beings, but not everything.



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