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关于”自信的演讲“的英语作文范文2篇,作文题目:Confident speech。以下是关于自信的演讲的中考英语范文,每篇作文均为高分范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Confident speech

In order to deliver a well-known speech effectively, you may not be able to follow the four rules of public speaking that you will not be able to follow in order to deliver a well-known speech effectively. Natural language speakers want to let their unique personality radiate. They won't imitate other speakers in your speech.

You will convey the same interest and attitude to the audience through your oral and non-verbal ways, because expressing yourself through public speaking is not as natural as talking. You must be fully prepared to make you confident and make yourself yourself yourself Confidence. Other people want to listen to a boring speaker, which does not mean that you have to tell a lot of jokes to attract the attention of the audience, it means that your speech must express your interest and enthusiasm for your topic, and your audience is energetic, lively, proactive or confident style, which is an element of establishing the credibility of the speaker.

A lively speech can help the audience build a sense of trust in the speaker. Appropriate speech is suitable for the occasion, purpose and audience. A speaker who mourns for the dead should create a solemn and respectful mood through voice skills, posture and facial expressions, as well as through the choice of words.

With appropriate sound and non local techniques, you can emphasize ideas or provide pauses. Similarly, using gestures to indicate the size of an object can also allow the audience to reflect on what is said, making the description clearer.





How to make a public speech should first consider the content of the speech, what you want to talk about, is it interesting, etc. you should consider the length of the speech you want to make, not too long, in case other people are bored. Of course, brevity is not the last one, but it is not the least important.

To say confidently, no matter when and where, you should remember to have confidence. As for how to make a public speech and other considerations, I think what I mentioned above is the most important one. Thank you.




It's natural and even beneficial to feel nervous before a speech, but too much tension can be harmful. Here are some proven tips on how to control your nervousness and make a better presentation: learn about your material, choose a topic you're interested in, rather than what you include in your presentation, use humor, personal stories, and conversational language - so you don't easily forget what to say, practice practicing, rehearsing aloud with all the equipment you plan as a must It takes work to control filler words, practice pauses and breaths, practice with timers, set aside time for unexpected things, know that the audience greets them when they arrive, it's much easier to talk to a group of friends than to talk to strangers, know that the room arrives early, walk around the speaking area, practice using a microphone and any visual aids to relax, and win for you first through the audience Time to calm your nerves. Before you say anything, stop, smile, count to three, turn the energy of tension into enthusiasm, imagine yourself speaking, imagine what you're saying, your voice is loud, clearly and confidently imagine the audience applauding - this will increase your confidence, realize that people want you to succeed, audiences want you to be interesting and stimulating, they support you, don't worry about any tension or problems Apologizing - the audience may never notice that it's focused on information - rather than the media focusing your attention from your own anxieties to your message and your audience's experience, your presentation should represent your experience as an authority and as a person that builds confidence, which is the key to effective speech.

A Toastmasters Club can provide the experience you need in a safe and friendly environment.




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