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关于”幽默的重要性“的英语作文范文3篇,作文题目:The importance of humor。以下是关于幽默的重要性的八年级英语范文,每篇作文均为高分范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:The importance of humor

The phone is from my elder sister. She told me something about crystal. Put down the phone, I groped to go back to lie down and actively think about activities.

I think I must go to the mountain area to plan. Now there is nothing to do, and I think the complete thing is good. Yes, if there are frequent blackouts in these mountainous areas, then the time I can work is also in the daytime, and how to use my favorite computer is originally possible If I don't watch TV, I don't like the current TV programs.

If I listen to the radio, I can understand my life. I have to take hundreds of batteries to surf the Internet. It may be difficult to know whether the signal of mobile phone can be affected.

I have to buy a book. I haven't written it on paper for a long time. Some words don't need to be typed by computer.

Now I can't write. I don't know if I always listen to the radio at night and read under the candle for a month I didn't know what they thought. When I got there, I didn't have the willpower to stick to life for a year.

Although the days of studying abroad were very hard, I could go to a more developed place. It was very convenient for me to live in such a place. I hesitated and doubted that my young people would be good at it The flashlight, he checked, there is no problem with the wire, the whole electric instrument is out of power.

Analysis is that the electric instrument is broken. It's half gone today. I go to bed well.

I always have electricity. Every time I'm late, there is always work that can't be done. I can have a rest every day.

Today, just before I go to bed, I finally understand that without electricity, maybe I can't live long.




The importance of agriculture is inseparable from agriculture, because without water, agriculture is indispensable. All the food we can eat comes from agriculture, such as rice, wheat and vegetables. From this, we can conclude that the most important thing in agriculture is to provide the people with the most important and needed things.

We all know that without food, there is no life. In addition to food, agriculture is of great help to people's lives. Agriculture can provide raw materials for industry.

Industry is an important field of a country's overall economic level. Agriculture can show a country's economy. Without industry, a country can't become an developed country.

But if there is no agriculture, this country will disappear from the earth. So We can't ignore the importance of agriculture. We should improve it and protect it forever.




As we all know, writing is an important and necessary skill for all students. However, many students do not really understand the real importance of writing, because as far as I am concerned, they only regard writing as a task of examination, and writing has a deeper importance in many aspects First of all, improving our ability to use words is the basic function of writing. For example, in order to write a good English composition, we must use every word as carefully as possible to ensure its correctness.

In this respect, we have unconsciously improved our ability to use words and writing skills. Writing is a good way to enhance our ability. Writing is an effective way to expand our vocabulary.

Different compositions need different vocabulary. Therefore, the more we write, the more vocabulary we can get. This helps to expand our reading capacity and the logical thinking of writing Analytical ability has a great contribution.

On the one hand, to write a good composition, we must systematically collect and sort out the writing materials, so that we can show what is necessary and what is not important in the process of processing materials. We are also learning to analyze and deal with different problems, which is also a practice of our thinking ability and the formation of different thinking Through dealing with various compositions, we can get more ideas and become more sensible. In short, writing is an important skill, especially for language learners.

We should try our best to improve our writing ability so as to improve our overall level.


众所周知,写作对所有学生来说都是一项重要而必要的技能,然而,许多学生并没有真正理解写作的真正重要性,因为就我而言,他们只是把写作当作考试的一项任务,写作在许多方面有着更深的重要性 首先,提高我们使用文字的能力是写作的基本功能例如,为了写出一篇好的英语作文,我们必须尽可能地仔细使用每一个单词,以确保其正确性。在这方面,我们在不知不觉中提高了我们的用词能力和写作技巧,写作是增强我们能力的好方法,写作是扩大词汇量的有效途径不同的作文需要不同的词汇量,因此,我们写得越多,同时得到的词汇量就越多,这有助于扩大我们的阅读量,写作对我们的逻辑思维和分析能力有很大的贡献,一方面,要写出一篇好的作文,就必须对写作材料进行系统的收集和整理,这样才能在处理材料的过程中展示出哪些是必要的,哪些是不重要的,我们也在学习对不同的问题进行分析和处理,这也是一个练习自己的思维能力,形成不同的思维的过程,通过处理各种作文,我们可以接触到更多的思想,从而变得更加明智。总之,写作是一项重要的技能,尤其是对于语言学习者来说,我们应该尽可能地提高我们的写作能力,以提高我们的整体水平。

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