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关于”我的一生“的英语作文模板5篇,作文题目:My life。以下是关于我的一生的高一英语模板,每篇作文均为满分模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:My life

Time flies like an arrow. In a twinkling of an eye, I am already a senior student. I often think about the past and think about it.

When I was in junior high school, I was inevitably moved. In high school, I was full of infinite longing. However, it was because of this that I had the courage to enter the school gate.

I didn't know whether my vision for the future was too beautiful or too cruel. In fact, high school life was not so beautiful as I thought Well, every time I think of the setbacks in life and those scattered pictures, I always feel the feeling of loss. I am not a greedy person.

My expectation of life is not very high. I just want healthy kangshunshunliping to spend my third grade of high school safely, have a good time, with tears of joy, and have a pure and sincere friendship because of some things, so I have to re-examine In this society, I am just a student. I hope my high school life will be as pure and cloudless as a million.

Although my friends are very kind and good, many things are not as simple as I imagined. There are many people, many things to some extent disgust me and smash the world with jargon. No matter who we are, we should hold the pure land in our hearts and enjoy the morning Every ray of sunshine, I hope that my high school life will not live too much at home, so that we can only leave a little wayward, do not want to give life in helplessness, perhaps only I am so stubborn to leave those who have long yellow memory, in fact, my high school life is very happy and warm.

I have time to convince myself that it may be a happiness in the hard three years We should cherish the present life, how to live to tolerate our willful stubbornness, so that I can simply smile in real life, can no longer be happy to wear a "I'm very good" mask, I don't rebel, I also understand the people and teachers' good intentions, I want to go, I think high school life is beautiful, happy, students, come on, let me Let's enjoy high school.




Last year, I started my middle school life. I was excited and scared because I didn't know what was waiting for me. Fortunately, I quickly adapted to the new environment.

I was very excited about the new knowledge. I was curious about everything that I was full of vitality every day. Many of my classmates liked to chat with me, so we got to know each other quickly and became friends soon.

I not only learned knowledge, but also made a lot of friends. I become more independent and adapt to the new environment. I believe I will gain more in the next two years.




The new semester has begun for more than a week, and I have gradually adapted to the new life of high school. The biggest feeling of high school is that I am busy all day, because in class, the teacher will give us a lot of homework in the morning, and begin to read Chinese and English in two mornings. There are four classes in the morning and four classes in the afternoon.

The curriculum of high school is much higher than that of junior high school, such as Chinese, mathematics, English Physics, chemistry, history and so on. Sometimes I am afraid to see so many books on my desk, and the content is much more difficult than before. Mathematics and physics are the most difficult for me.

How hard I try, I can't learn these two families. This makes me very depressed. Therefore, at the beginning of the new semester, I have to change my learning strategy to make my work more effective.

Although busy, my new study School life is rich and beautiful.



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