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关于”海上丝绸之路的旅行“的英语作文模板2篇,作文题目:Travel on the maritime Silk Road。以下是关于海上丝绸之路的旅行的四级英语模板,每篇作文均为万能模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Travel on the maritime Silk Road

The silk road is an important international trade channel between China and Europe in history. Because the trade of Chinese silk on this ancient road accounts for a large proportion, it is named the Silk Road by famous German geographers. Generally, it can be divided into the Northern Silk Road on land, the Southern Silk Road on land and the Silk Road at sea.

The Northern Silk Road on land usually refers to the Silk Road on land Starting from Chang'an, heading west to Wuwei, passing through Hexi corridor to Dunhuang, and then westward to Europe. The land-based Southern Silk Road usually refers to the route from Sichuan to India and India to the south. Myanmar's historical sites listed in the UNESCO World Heritage list are distributed in Shaanxi, Henan, Gansu, Xinjiang and other places in China from the opening of the world-famous silk road by Zhang Qian in the Han Dynasty to the extinction of the Yuan Dynasty.

The ancient Silk Road lasted from the second century BC to the tenth century AD The fifth century made great contributions to the cultural exchanges between China and the West. The splendid civilizations of China, India, Greece, Persia, Rome and other countries exchanged along this famous trade route. The silk road is an important bridge to link up Asian and European cultures.

The economic and political exchanges between the East and the West have a long history. Western religions were introduced into China through Buddhism, Islam and other world-famous channels The people's Silk Road has greatly promoted economic, technological and cultural exchanges among Asia, Europe and Africa, making the world more colorful. Today's Silk Road Economic Belt China is a one belt, one road framework.

It is organized by two parts to organize transnational economic development, land Silk Road Economic Belt and ocean going Maritime Silk Road. I expect the new silk road will play an increasingly active role in the benefit of all mankind..




The ancient Chinese Silk Road, an ancient trade route, started in the ancient capitals of Luoyang and Xi'an, and reached the Yellow River at lanchoros along the "Gansu Corridor". Before the discovery of the sea route to India, it extended to the edge of deserts and ridges. The silk road is the most important link connecting the East and the West.

The Silk Road experienced the last great era in the Mongolian era The whole route from China to the Mediterranean was part of an empire at that time. Nicolo and Marco Polo went from Kashgar to the far east along the southern route. With the development of maritime trade, land transportation soon lost its importance.

Today, it has been replaced by Lanzhou Hami Urumqi railway line in China. The last part, the railway line to Almaty, Kazakhstan, was completed in. This trade route was never called the Silk Road, and its history was named by the German geographer Ferdinand Freiherr von Richthofen.

The Silk Road Tour brings you back to the century. When you visit the legendary cities of silk merchants and monks, you can cross the desert where silk merchants have been for thousands of years. You can find that the Silk Road includes bazaars, where merchants can bargain for camels and carpets, where you can meet Chinese nomads and participate in music, dance and art performances these trips are often combined with stops in Beijing, Xi'an and Dunhuang to complete your adventure vacation in China.



这条贸易路线从未被称为丝绸之路这条路的历史是由德国地理学家费迪南德·弗赖赫尔·冯·里希霍芬(Ferdinand Freiherr von Richthofen)命名的。丝绸之路之旅让你回到世纪,当你参观传说中的丝绸商人和僧侣的城市时,你可以穿越丝绸商人已经走过数千年的沙漠,你可以发现丝绸之路包括集市,在那里商人可以讨价还价骆驼和地毯,在那里你可以见到中国的游牧民族,并参加音乐、舞蹈和艺术表演 这些旅行经常与到北京、西安和敦煌的停留相结合,使您的中国旅行冒险假期完成。


Now China China president one belt, one road train, is being introduced into the name of the century: goodbye and camels. Hello, the train can transport Chinese goods, such as notebook computer, km to Germany, which will be faster than the ocean freight. But maritime trade is also an important part of the initiative of the whole area.

It connects the key ports in Asia, Europe and Africa, although the sea route has already taken over the Xi Jinping. China has one belt, one road, but the most remote areas in the world. So the challenge for China and its partners is to build infrastructure to support this century's highway, and to reduce the "international road of cooperation" of the East and west countries, which is a "promising one but one way" International Cooperation Forum, Boao Asian infrastructure investment bank.

Silk Road, silk road, silk road, silk road, silk road, silk road, silk road, silk road, silk road, silk road, silk road, Silk Road Silk Road The Road International Book Fair will jointly create an open, inclusive, balanced and beneficial regional economic cooperation framework, eliminate investment and trade barriers, develop cross disciplinary e-commerce, carry forward the spirit of friendship and cooperation along the Silk Road, create a harmonious and friendly cultural environment and public opinions, organize and carry out educational public welfare activities, health care, poverty alleviation, biodiversity and ecological protection.



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