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关于”提升的小秘诀“的英语作文模板5篇,作文题目:Tips for promotion。以下是关于提升的小秘诀的托福英语模板,每篇作文均为万能模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Tips for promotion

Dear, we are very pleased to inform you that you have been promoted to a challenging and demanding position. This is in recognition of your excellent work for the company. We are very confident that you will perform your new responsibilities with the same enthusiasm and enthusiasm.

Please accept our congratulations on your new promotion.




Vanessa, thank you, Mr. Gibson. It's a great honor to be an overseas sales manager at your pace.

To be honest, I'm very surprised by this promotion. I think it's mainly the recognition of the teamwork of our department, which goes beyond the requirements of our responsibilities. In this regard, I want to thank all the colleagues in the company for their enthusiasm and efforts.

We have indeed put some overseas projects into practice Moving out and looking forward to the future, I still want to keep in touch with you, even though I will work well at the top. What I want to say is that I will not let this step come to my head. My door will always be open.

Thank you again, GibsonA action follow's He followed the footsteps of his famous brother and engaged in performing arts under the call of exceeding his duty. Because her performance exceeded the call of duty, she got a wonderful promotion. "If we can move the new store in Taichung off the ground, I think we can control the market there.

The top management, the top management and the top management are actively promoting women Sexual promotion to the top "corporate ladder", "promotion" and "this apartment is definitely an improvement." The terrible place you used to live in.


瓦内萨,谢谢你,吉布森先生,很荣幸能跟随你的步伐成为海外销售经理说实话,这次升职让我很意外,我想这主要是对我部门的团队合作的认可,超越了职责的要求,在这一点上,我要感谢公司里所有的同事们,他们的热情和努力,我们确实已经把一些海外项目搬了出来,面向未来,我仍然想和大家保持联系,尽管我会在高层工作得很好,我想说的是,我不会让这一步走到我的头上我的门将永远敞开再次谢谢你吉布索纳ActionFollow's Foots(as)”“他追随他著名兄弟的脚步,在超越职责的召唤下从事演艺事业,因为她的表现超越了职责的召唤,她得到了一次精彩的升职“如果我们能把台中的新店搬离地面,我想我们可以控制那里的市场高层”“高层”“高层”“高层管理层”外企正积极推动女性升迁到高层“公司阶梯”“升职”“这间公寓肯定是一个进步。”你以前住过的那个可怕的地方。


The time you spend in the office may be the most stressful part of your day, but it doesn't necessarily mean that you can shape your office environment more than you realize. It will help you clear your mind and relieve stress, such as going to the water cooler for a drink. In the midday or after work exercise class, it will give you a chance to relax, relieve stress and help you Try to adjust the pace of your activities: do more demanding work in the morning, when you are more energetic, later in the day, when you may be tired, try listening to music, such as the beating waves or songbirds.

To help you relax, these tapes are sold on the market. If you listen to them in the middle of the workday, then Well, get up early or go to bed late once a week. If your stress comes from insecurity at work, you may be able to accomplish more when you change your daily life, review yourself, update your resume, and remind yourself of your skills and strengths to ensure that you keep up with the latest developments in your field, which will make you valuable to employers.

Don't let work rumors, which are usually false, because you are worried that your colleagues may just be thinking a lot.



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