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关于”全球变暖建议“的英语作文范文2篇,作文题目:Global warming recommendations。以下是关于全球变暖建议的高二英语范文,每篇作文均为真题范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Global warming recommendations

Summer melting in the Arctic, more severe hurricanes in the United States, droughts in China and Africa, and wildfires in Australia are all signs of an increasingly chaotic climate system that will undermine the economic and development goals of all countries. Dr James, chief climatologist from National Aeronautics Hansen's time is getting shorter and shorter, and the space agency (NASA) recently said that the world is in "imminent danger". Dr.

Qin Dahe of the Chinese Academy of Sciences also said that "climate change has brought serious and obvious threats to China's economic and social development". The window to avoid this danger is very narrow and quickly closed. However, if there is a correct leadership, The world can control global greenhouse gas emissions, put them on a downward trajectory, and avoid the most disastrous impact of global warming.

China has begun to formulate a new energy law, which emphasizes reducing greenhouse gas emissions. This shows that if the new energy law is passed, green development is not only possible, but also desirable, and it will serve China as a whole The "Tenth Five Year" energy strategy of the world's largest greenhouse gas emitters provides guidance. The United States and China have a historic opportunity to show that the decisive commitment of the leaders of the two countries may be different, but the urgency of the task facing the United States means that each country must play its own role.

There are encouraging signs that the two countries have begun some table tennis diplomacy on climate and energy issues until this week's meeting in.


北极的夏季融化,美国更严重的飓风,中国和非洲的干旱,澳大利亚的野火,这些影响都是一个越来越混乱的气候系统的迹象,这将破坏所有国家的经济和发展目标。来自美国国家航空公司(National Aeronautics)的首席气候学家詹姆斯·汉森博士(Dr James Hansen)的时间越来越短而航天局(NASA最近表示,世界正处于“迫在眉睫的危险之中”,中国科学院秦大河博士也表示,“气候变化已经给中国的经济社会发展带来了严重而明显的威胁”,避免这种危险的窗口很窄,而且迅速关闭,但是,如果有一个正确的领导层,世界可以控制全球的温室气体排放,使其走上下降的轨道,并避免全球变暖带来的最灾难性的影响中国已经开始着手制定一项新的能源法,该法强调减少温室气体的排放,这表明,如果新能源法获得通过,绿色发展不仅是可能的,而且是可取的,它将为中国作为全球最大温室气体排放国的“十五”能源战略提供指导,美国和中国有一个历史性的机会,表明两国领导人的果断承诺可能有所不同,但美国面临的任务的紧迫性意味着每个国家都必须发挥自己的作用。有令人鼓舞的迹象表明,两国在气候和能源问题上已经开始了一些乒乓外交,直到年本周的会议。


With the development of economy, more and more greenhouse gases are emitted into the atmosphere. Carbon dioxide accounts for about half of the greenhouse gases, which is considered to be one of the biggest causes of global warming. It has harmful effects, causing sea level rise and many natural disasters.

Therefore, we must take effective measures to save our earth first, and secondly, we should use more Clean energy and less coal and oil; second, we should walk or bus to work, if possible, don't drive; third, we should plant more trees, because plants can convert carbon dioxide into oxygen, so we should form the habit of saving energy in our daily life.




Do you feel warmer now than you used to be? Maybe you don't care. However, due to the burning of fossil fuels, the temperature has been rising during the century. Most of the greenhouse gases come from the heat of the sun, thus warming the earth, causing sea-level rise and terrible climate disasters.

The assumption is: the temperature continues to rise, there is no clear sunlight shining on us, the unclear air will suffocate us, and the heat wave will kill us mercilessly. However, we are glad that all countries and some organizations have realized the importance of reducing food production. The opening of the United Nations Climate Change Conference on carbon dioxide in Copenhagen, Denmark, on the 12th has aroused the high attention of experts and officials including the United States.

In addition, in China, an effective legal system has been established to avoid excessive greenhouse gas emissions. It is very important that we should take the responsibility of leading a low-carbon lifestyle. Needless to say, the low-carbon lifestyle is of great significance to our society, so we must make good use of it to control global warming, and to a certain extent, it has a great contribution to our health, We can take all kinds of measures to live such an environment-friendly life.

On the one hand, we all know that a lot of greenhouse gases are mainly produced by motor vehicles. Therefore, if possible, we can go to school on foot or by bike instead of relying on cars all the time. In our daily life, we should spare no effort to reduce energy, for example, we can turn off when it is not necessary You can also use recyclable materials when you drop electrical appliances.

In addition, in our leisure time, we can look for opportunities to plant more trees, which can absorb carbon dioxide. Finally, but also important, in short, we have a low-carbon lifestyle as our best choice. Only in this way can we form a harmonious relationship with the environment.





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