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Before you know what true kindness is, you have to lose something and feel that the future will dissolve like salt in a weakened broth, the things you hold in your hands, the things you count, the things you keep carefully, all of which have to come to an end, so that you can know how desolate the landscape is between the good regions, and how you ride a bike, such as Driving he thinks that the bus will never stop. Passengers eating corn and chicken will always stare out of the window. Before you can learn to be gentle and kind, you must go to an Indian who died on a white pony by the side of the road.

You must see how it is. He is also a man who travels at night with an airplane. He is also a simple breath that used to keep him alive You know kindness is the deepest thing in your heart.

You have to know that sadness is another deepest thing. You have to wake up with sadness. You have to talk to it until your voice catches all the clues of sadness, you see the size of your clothes, and then only kindness makes sense.

Only goodness ties your shoelaces together and allows you to gaze at bread during the day. Only goodness can learn from it Look up from the crowd of the world, say I am what you have been looking for, and be with you like a shadow or a friend.




Kindness in the ideal of good living is an ideal that all of us can easily approach. As we all know, a little kindness can make our journey easier and more enjoyable. Even if an example of kindness is brought to our mind, it can make you smile in a few days or weeks, and even encourage you to share kindness with others, even though it seems simple What's more, many cultures all over the world and in history have recognized that kindness is a powerful virtue, which may be the simplest way to experience and share all of humanity's greatest ideals.

We can choose to act from our own best at any time, recognizing the highest potential of another person at the same time with the smallest action, and to some extent nourish every soul we meet The seed of hope, kindness is like an oil. It makes the engine of our world run more smoothly and has less friction. We can still get to where we want to go, but the journey is more pleasant, and the people around us can also be in the ideal world that we help create.

We are all lucky. Kindness is infinite and everyone can get it. When we act in a way that strengthens our ideals, we turn our ideals into reality instead of affirming the experience of struggle and competition.

We can turn our experience into a relaxed and happy reality. Whether we give way to others in the traffic, or let others in front of us, donate money, or share our home in crisis, we actively create one In a good world, the smallest gesture we make in each choice can bring a smile, light up the shadow of an unpleasant situation, or remove tension from a difficult task, but its effect can reverberate and extend to the moment when we can be sure that we will get something in return, but giving is its own reward. Kindness expands our inner light and reaches out to receive it Touch the light of others, let us all see the light world that has the power to inspire us.




It's an important way to communicate with others and make our life more meaningful. Kindness has its real source in your heart. Although some people are naturally kind, it is the most basic choice that everyone can cultivate.

Kindness is to sincerely care for the people around you, strive for the best for them, and realize in them the same wishes, needs, aspirations, and even fear that you are too kind. It is a kind of kindness that is warm, resilient, patient, trusting, loyal and grateful, so that we don't have to entangle ourselves in negative attitudes and emotions. As resentment, jealousy, suspicion and manipulation, kindness is a deep concern for all.




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