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Everyone knows that cycling is an interesting, healthy and economical way to travel. The advantages of bicycles are as follows: every commuter can drive directly to the place they have to go without changing station or mode. Bicycles are more maneuverable in the maze of the city.

They can drive laterally to avoid grid congestion. They can land on any shelf, railing or parking meter outside the business place, and can be brought into the building at any time Outside parking or security. Cycling is also good for our environment.

Bicycles are pollution-free and good for our health. Cycling is the cheapest way to travel besides walking. Although it has many advantages, it is not suitable for long-distance travel.

Most bicycles have no roof in case of rain. We can't take our family with us unless they have their own bicycles and so on.





Television is now a non operational part of our daily life. We watch TV programs every day, from which we learn a lot. For example, we study geology and biology on the discovery channel, and we learn machinery and modern technology on the science channel.

Recently, we were very happy watching TV programs. There is a TV series called "the big bang theory". I like watching TV and studying.

My favorite TV should be TV play. Parents: favorite: the water in my zoo can be drunk now|.





Ramen is a kind of hand-made or hand-made Chinese noodles. It is also the name of the dishes using these noodles [editor] the dishes used are usually served with beef or mutton seasoned soup, called t 抩 ngmi Ā n, but sometimes covered with tin foil and served with ketchup, which literally means "ch ǎ OMI á n". (L ā) means Ramen or ramen, and (MIA é n) refers to noodles.

The manual process involves taking a piece of dough and stretching it over and over again to make many thin, long noodles. There are several different kneading methods, but they all use the same method concept: a piece of dough is repeatedly stretched and folded on itself to align the gluten and heat the dough to stretch. When the dough is rolled to an operable thickness and cut into operable parts, the starting end of the dough will never be used because the gluten does not align in the middle.

Then the dough is pulled to about an arm's width. The puller turns the dough into a circle, combines the two ends into a dough, and inserts his fingers into the circle so that it will not stick to himself. The pulling doubles the length of the dough and divides the thickness of the dough into two parts.

This process is repeated several times until the required thickness and quantity are reached. Some stretchers immerse the dough in the flour during the stretching stage to keep the dough separate. When flour is used, the last noodle is usually knocked on the preparation board, and then the extra flour of Lanzhou style is removed.

The dough is operated in a strong way. It's direct, fast, dragging, no twisting or wavy. Some drafters often slam the noodles on the preparation board to ensure even stretch and uniform thickness.

In Beijing, flour is sometimes used to dust the dough to prevent it from sticking to the dough. The dough is twisted and stretched gently.






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