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关于”团队矛盾解决“的英语作文范文5篇,作文题目:Team conflict resolution。以下是关于团队矛盾解决的高二英语范文,每篇作文均为真题范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Team conflict resolution

Dear manager, your company is one step closer to meeting your needs. You will note that the experience and skills listed in the attached resume meet your criteria, with more than 15 years of customer service experience and more than 5 years of call center management and training experience, and I am sure that my skills and skills will benefit your company. I provide the following facts about my work experience to support my candidacy: proficient in Microsoft Office program, using simple and Accpac human resources, computerized accounting and payroll, recruitment and training experience, excellent oral and written communication skills, problem-solving and conflict solving skills, excellent teamwork and team building skills, process and policy planning management development experience through past work experience, I learned the importance of effective multitasking as an effective group As a member of the team, I have the skills needed to be an active, cooperative and detail oriented leader, and my excellent performance proves that I am highly motivated.

I look forward to meeting with you to elaborate on my qualifications and sincerely discuss future opportunities Lydia e Smith.


亲爱的经理,贵公司离满足您的需求又近了一步。您会注意到,随附简历中列出的经验和技能符合您的标准,拥有超过15年的客户服务经验和5年以上的呼叫中心管理和培训经验,我确信我的技能和技能能力将对贵公司有好处我提供以下关于我的工作经验的事实,以支持我的候选人资格:熟练使用Microsoft Office程序,使用Simply和ACCPAC人力资源,计算机化会计和工资单,招聘和培训经验优秀的口头和书面沟通能力解决问题和解决冲突的技能优秀的团队合作和团队建设技能流程和政策规划管理发展经验通过过去的工作经验我学到了有效多任务的重要性作为一名有效的团队成员,我具备成为一名积极合作、注重细节的领导者所需的技能,我的出色表现证明了我个人的高度积极性。我期待着与您会面,详细说明我的资格,并真诚地讨论未来的机会Lydia E Smith。


As a member of a team, I prefer teamwork to personal work. I can communicate with my colleagues as a team. We have a common goal.

Most of the time, if there is a team that can cooperate, it is difficult for one person to achieve the goal. We can share the work, and each member is responsible for his / her favorite part, which will improve the work Efficiency when you are working alone, you will inevitably encounter some problems, and then you have to check the relevant materials or search the Internet for answers. If there is a team, things will change.

As a member of the team, you can ask your colleagues questions. Maybe some of them know how to solve problems, which means you save time on solving problems yourself More importantly, we can share our experiences and ideas with each other. In teamwork, you will find it easier to work on tasks than you do on your own/.




There is no real sense of solidarity in your work group, and by practicing some team building to help develop a sense of connection, build your team's awareness of the benefits of being a whole. Ask people to write down their positive and negative views on team cooperation, work together to solve negative problems or attitudes, individuals create a balanced team, contributors collaborators, communicators strive to create open, positive and constructive communication in the team challengers practice effective leadership management transformational leadership gives leadership to team creation and sharing of vision, mission, challenge, standardized thinking The setting structure of self leadership is divided into smaller groups, setting specific deadlines, and planning stages. A continuous deadline decomposition goal can help the team track their progress, establish an agreement for team interaction, and inter team responsibilities make participants responsible for the team, clear policies, and authorized team members without clear goals Overlap and perform redundant tasks goals goals foster the best relationship wise choose to share the strengths of team members ideas leading to conflict can lead to team failure in efficiency try to resolve conflicts before conflicts develop into more serious problems cultivate emotional awareness that is a threat to team cohesion team effort on emotional intelligence issues team effort self motivation on overall effort aware of others Emotional state is crucial.



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