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关于”介绍体育运动“的英语作文范文4篇,作文题目:Introduction to sports。以下是关于介绍体育运动的小学英语范文,每篇作文均为万能范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Introduction to sports

Sports and games millions of people around the world participate in a variety of sports, perhaps the most popular way to relax, and almost everyone can enjoy it. Some people seem to think that sports and games are unimportant things people do when they are not working. But in fact, sports and games are very valuable, especially for those who work with their brains all day long.

Sports and games can not only exercise our bodies, prevent us from getting fat, but also keep us healthy. They also provide us with valuable exercises to help the eyes, brain and muscles work together in table tennis. The eyes see the ball coming, judge its speed and direction, and pass the information to the brain.

The brain must decide what to do and send its commands to the muscles of the arms and legs, etc., so that the Bah will be touched and moved where the players want it to do All of this has to be done at a very fast pace, and only those with a lot of practice can succeed. Sports and games are also very useful for character training in their courses. Boys and girls can learn the virtues of selflessness, bravery, disciple and patriotism.

However, the influence of what they learn from books on children's character is not as profound as what they have learned in practice. Most of the students' time is spent in class and studying lessons. Therefore, if every student can make every effort for his team rather than for himself in the playground, what the students do in their spare time is very important.

He will find it natural to work for the interests of the society and the country in the future.





My writing goal: what sports do you like? Step 2: Step 2: Step 1: answer these questions what sports do you like what sports do you like football B basketball C badmintond D swimming e running f skipprope C badmintond D swimming e running f rope skipping g other what what time do you play a after class B PE lesson ԡ C weekend D holiday how do you feel? How do you feel? B I feel very excited B I feel very happy C I have a good time C I play a lot C badmintond D swimming e running f running f running f jumping rope g g others g other what end article World Bank swimmer n swimming pool n I like swimming I like swimming with my father. He is a very good swimmer. We go swimming on weekends.

I like the blue water in the swimming pool. I can have a lot of fun when I swim sometimes, our winter swimming dad says it can make me strong. I will start to write your article now.


我的写作目标:你喜欢什么运动?试着把它写下来 第二步 第一步:回答这些问题 你喜欢什么运动 足球B篮球 C羽毛球D游泳 E跑步F跳绳 G其他什么 你什么时候玩 A课后B体育课 C周末D假期 你感觉如何我觉得很兴奋B我觉得很开心 C我玩得很开心 第二步:写完文章 世界银行 游泳运动员n 游泳池n 我喜欢游泳 我喜欢和我爸爸一起游泳他是一个很好的游泳运动员我们周末去游泳我喜欢游泳池里的蓝色的水我游泳的时候可以有很多乐趣 有时,我们冬天游泳爸爸说它能使我强壮我现在开始写你的文章。


The positive and negative aspects of physical education the task of learning English well is not easy for a Chinese. Like many other English learners, I have encountered some difficulties in English learning in the past seven years, but I have overcome these difficulties and made great progress. It can be said that the spelling and meaning of words is the first difficulty I encounter as a beginner, But I have found my own way to deal with these difficulties.

I have never copied a new work again and again to remember it, but in fact, as long as I can read the word out, I can write its meaning. I seldom recite its Chinese translation, but I often put the word into the sentence to learn its meaning. Moreover, if you often use a word, its spelling and meaning will not be a problem after all.

We are learning English. In order to use it, grammar and idioms may be another difficulty, but I also overcome it. I haven't read many grammar books, but I spent a lot of time reading articles written by native speakers or experts.

I began to have a feeling of English What I want to say is that it takes perseverance to overcome all these difficulties. For the past seven years, I have spent at least one hour a day on English. I believe this is one of the important reasons why I have made progress in my English study, building a bridge between a generation of Chinese culture.




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